Just Smokin' Dreamin' Bout Thuggin' Listenin ta T.I.

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  1. I got the track "What You Know" on repeat and I'm thinking about the future of the green crack I got on hand. (The motherfucking phone won't stop ringing by God!)Anybody else out there like T.I when you're stoned? Anybody else out there breakin' the law with our rebellious urge to grow erb?


    I'm not a music critic but I believe everything I say about 100%. It's not faith or a way to live your life but we do collide with fear quite constantly and react with a pointless crusade or two. Keep thuggin'...

  2. You need to teach me how to grow AK.

    I can barley keep houseplants alive :rolleyes:
  3. listening to it now, good stuff im baked and this song is always on or riding dirty

    anyone else hate that riding dirty song
  4. Hey Bro I got your back! Growin' is one the most fulfilling things I have ever done next to breathing. There's something so sweet about good dope and the natural flavor it has. I got people poppin' wood when they see and smell my shit, which is why I'm hustling like a gansta.

    "They're" always tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty.

  5. Top Back

    “I'm the man in my city ain't nobody fuckin wit me
    You can ask the real *****z and all the bad bitches
    I'm a known drug dealer I always have 50's
    And the thugs and the killers was all in class wit me
    SS'S on 26's watchin some television
    Shorty I'm never slippin got the berretta in vision
    And ready to pop the clip in, ready to get to trippin
    Ready to show these folks a celebrity pistol whipping…”


  6. T.I is a little punk
  7. ... lol.... trying to hold back on this thread...

    ..no comment....
  8. T.I has 1 of the best rap albums this year. every track is banging! i like that "riding dirty" track too. it was my anthem while i was driving around with 30 plants in the car looking for a good outdoor spot to transplant. lol

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