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Just smoked some soil... dayumn

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dissec, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Alright so I just packed a bowl of FFOF and damn I'm blazed! I'm broke because I got in a wreck and didn't have insurance so I can't buy bud.

    I recommend everyone start smoking bowls of soil, shit gets you way fucked up.
  2. and horse shit.....:cool:
  3. make sure you grind that shit up.
    Nah i only tried soil kief and man that shit was bomb
  4. So thats what the bad taste was...:eek:
  5. yeah it takes some gettin use to..:D
  6. Fox Farms Ocean Forest Kush soil

    the only way to smoke
  7. I don't see why we grow plants in this shit, it'd be like growing weed on our weed, why not just smoke our weed?

    Which is why I'm smoking this soil.
  8. shit like this makes kids have double lung transplants in Pennsylvania.
  9. Well those kids need to handle their shit better.
  10. I shall stick to bud
  11. Lol if you smoke soil, you probably deserve a double lung transplant......

    Well, I mean if you intentionally smoke a bowl of soil... hahahaha not if some was careless attached to some bud and you didn't notice somehow
  12. I prefer to shoot up my soil...only pussies smoke it
  13. I prefer the fox farms happy frog blend...

    Its a little mellower than OF and has more of a sativa kick to it...
  14. Im so fucking confused.
  15. I feel that imma go grab a sack of that tonight!

    I bet miracle grow gets crazy, those time-release ferts probably hit you like brownies, if you had soil brownies that is
  16. He's from Kentucky...That should explain everything!:laughing::bolt:

  17. Nah, that miracle grow shit smokes like swag...

    And does this make my fox farms nutriends the equivilant of hash oil?

    This made me lulz.
  18. How come when a noob who really doesn't know better asks a dumb question he gets ripped on bad , but when people do stuff like this everyone thinks its hilarious and not a waste of time...?

  19. When it comes to the epeen...size does matter.

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