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Just smoked resin for the first time.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kush Kirb, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. I scraped the resin out of my bowl that ive been smoking gran daddy pup super sticky man. so ive smoked like an ounce out of the bowl without cleaning it. scraped it all. i got a big resin ball like the size of a marble after i squished it all. then it was wet as a monkeys butthole so i got a shirt and squished it with it and like rubbed it iand shit and lost half oof it

    watherver smoked the half i had left
    it embered after i took like 7 tokes and like took it out of the bowl again and squished it more and put it back
    then smoked it and thats when it started emebering
    and shit is it supposed to do that? cuz i heard how u dont and i cant find the answer up in tjhis bitch.
    and yeah man idk if i typed to much im high as fuck.
    also i should of used a screen there was a lot left over i bet and it just sucked it up and now its to hard to get it out
  2. as long as u get high
  3. +Rep, just because it was so awesome where you put it
  4. Fuck the police.
  5. Resin is alright, especially if your out of bud lol that shit will usually get me stoooooned
    knife hits are fun too, but it feels like your smoking crack lol
  6. Resin is disgusting. Growing up I use to smoke it haha but now that I've grown up I don't understand why I ever bothered with that nasty shit.

    I only smoke AAA now hahah.

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