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Just smoked resin for the first time.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kush Kirb, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. I scraped the resin out of my bowl that ive been smoking gran daddy pup super sticky man. so ive smoked like an ounce out of the bowl without cleaning it. scraped it all. i got a big resin ball like the size of a marble after i squished it all. then it was wet as a monkeys butthole so i got a shirt and squished it with it and like rubbed it iand shit and lost half oof it

    watherver smoked the half i had left
    it embered after i took like 7 tokes and like took it out of the bowl again and squished it more and put it back
    then smoked it and thats when it started emebering
    and shit is it supposed to do that? cuz i heard how u dont and i cant find the answer up in tjhis bitch.
    and yeah man idk if i typed to much im high as fuck.
  2. Smh yea that shit sizzles like a crack rock fuck resin wtf with all these resin topics are you guys really that dry. nasty nasty nasty nasty nasty black goop stick by my word

    and you have duped topics you nshould delte the other
  3. When resin stains my fingers I just feel like the nastiest, fat, stinky, fucking ass turd. They're called doo-doo balls for a reason lol
  4. i would never smoke resin straight for that reason (taste's bad, smells bad) but i would sprinkle it ontop or put it below my bowl just to get rid of it instead of waste it lol.
  5. resins fine to smoke. toke away
  6. lol i smoked likr fone bowl of this no 5 bowls of some Dank ass kush & myu clean bong . and now stem is dirtier than a fat chicks beard ... shits insane . how much resin is thi s stuff
  7. That stuff gets you ripped
  8. Resin tastes line licking a prison inmates taint. Trust me
  9. do you have experience with tasting prison inmates taints?
  10. Bingo! I'm just joking. Resin and vaped weed taste identical.

  11. Nothing nastier than a milky bong rip of some ABV. Shit will get you stoned on a dry day though.
  12. Actually, resin out of a bong with a proper percolator and such tastes a lot better than straight out of a pipe/etc. I never minded the taste, it's the smell and consistency that gets to me.
  13. Congratulations of your first time being a crackhead.
  14. Ya it's supposed to sizzle
  15. Love resin... The high is just phenomenal. The process of getting high off of it is the annoying part. Also the next morning i wake up with shortness of breath for an hour or two.
  16. Ive never stooped so low
  17. I only smoke res when I'm out of bud but I don't look down on people who do it. Whatever you need to do for a nice buzz I suppose.
  18. The last time I scraped my pipe, I had a whole bowl's worth of res. I took 2 hits of it and had to throw it away, it was just awful haha. I used to be able to smoke it, though. I guess I'm becoming (or already are) one of those "weed snobs"... can only smoke dank.
  19. Resin is deff a last resort. But res will get you fucked up... I scraped one of my first bowls I ever had after 5years. Had enough resin to last me a week and it got me fucked every time I smoked it lol.
  20. Jesus fucking Christ.

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