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Just smoked in my room for the first time..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ragekai, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. And I'm wondering: How long do I gotta wait before I know the smell is gone? Whats the longest the smell in the room could last?
  2. Shouldn't be gone in about a half hour. Keep the air circulating. Turn on a fan and open a window if you can.
  3. 1 time i smoked in my house (i live in an apartment) just 1 bowl and i opened windows and fabreezed lol my mom came home like 5 hours later and still smelt it! thank god she doesnt mind me smoking lol but idk it seems like it can last a long time
  4. smell can stay for weeks if not aired out at all. i would air it out, get a fan to blow around. i would use a sploof filter (use search to find out how to make one) to greatly reduce the smell
  5. no listen to this guy i smoke in my room everyday if your mom walks in right after she might smell it. but if you fan for like 5 or 10 mins if you have a gooed sploof. oh wait you didnt use a sploof. ahh nm use a sploof and just spray alittle after or use your fan for 5 or 10 mins. i love life:)
  6. 1-2 maybe 3 days
    1 if you fabreeze often
  7. if you want to cover the smell just light incense. I have done that in my dorm room, which several people walk by everyday, and they don't question at all.

    Otherwise, just keep a fan going, and spray febreeze, or air freshener.
  8. i suggest that next time when you smoke indoors, use a "sploof" (there are many names for this, but it is basically a toilet paper roll filled with dryer sheets and you exhale the smoke through it, thus the smoke comes out smelling like you jus did laundry) and also if you're using a bowl, use a quarter or another coin to cover it up after you take a hit so that way the smoke doesn't get all over the room.
    i also suggest smoking in the bathroom, that way you can make it like you're takin a shower and then you can turn on the vent and/or open a window.
    a sploof on its own has worked for me when i smoke in the bathroom.
  9. depending on what youre smoking. if its a spliff 2-3 days. a blunt... lol a lot longer id assume.
  10. I am going to second on lighting incense. Also, start using a sploof like other have already pointed out. Opening the window wouldnt hurt neither.
  11. Depends on how your smoking it. J's and blunts smell a lot more and it sticks a little bit for a while, so febreeze the hell out of your room if you did that. I smoke with my bong in my room very often and the smell stays for.... 2 minutes? But i also got like 3 intake vents in my room so maybe thats why
  12. just open the window, close the door, turn on the fan. if you smoked a blunt or a joint, its gonna stick longer than if you just used a pipe. inscense is just going to make the whole house smell like incense, which may or may not be ideal, depending on the situation.
  13. Crack a window, make s sploof, fan 1 1/2 foot in front of door facing window, on low. And you will be good. Also, if your that worried about it, make some coffee or popcorn, and take in your room. Covers the smell great.

    Happy Toking.:smoke:
  14. IMO it all matters how much you smoke. I smoke in my rooms. Only once every night before I go to bed. Ill take 3-4 hits and thats it. Smell will be gone in like an hour. Now if your smoking blunt in your room. It will take a while.
  15. This is what I do: Close my door, smoke a bowl, blow smoke out of window, but still using a sploof. Smells gone in 5 minutes with window open.
  16. Weed smoke is heavy as fuck, the smell will last 1 day min. That is if you smoke with the windows open. If you just smoke st8 up no windows just let the smoke go where ever be a couple days at least. I smoke in my apartment all day everyday. I went on vaca for a week. apart was empty the whole time. Came back and all i could smell was bud. When I went to bootcamp for the army the take your clothes and put them in storage. 4 months later I got them back and all I could smell was bud.

  17. Oh this scares me.

  18. that could be why all you could smell was bud.

    just use a piece, and minimize the amount of smoke coming off of it. open the window. as long as youre smart about it, you'll be fine. the popcorn idea is good too.
  19. Dood! It all depends on how much you smoke in your damn room. I take about 3-4 hits one time every night and it never smells.
  20. I have one word for you, SPLOOF, take a paper towel roll and about 20 to 30 dryer sheets. take one or 2 sheets and tape around one end of the PT roll, take your remaining sheets and stuff them all into the roll and thats it. take your hit and blow through the open end of the roll, you will still see smoke but when you smell it, it smells like your dryer sheets.

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