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Just smoked hash for the first time.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Derwin94, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. So my girlfriend swapped the rest of her remaining bud, for a little bit of hash. Pretty sure it was just compressed keif though. But oooohhh my god. It was so hectic. The stone wasn't any stronger than what I normally get smoking good old regular weed. But I was peaking for two hours, Which is a first for me. The smoke was surprisingly really smooth. Probably the best high I've ever had to be honest. This shit is hard to find around here though. I can't wait until the time where I get more.
  2. Wife that bitch.
  3. HAHA, to be honest. I could never go out with a chick that, doesn't smoke weed. People that don't, just seem to have no character, and are usually very boring in general.
  4. nice hash rules
  5. I can never get hash. When all the stores in CO open, and I eventually get to go there, I'm going to buy all the fucking hash and concentrates I see, haha.
  6. Fuck yeah, birthday tomorrow. Girlfriend got me a zippo lighter. I've wanted one of those for so long now.

  7. Don't light any bowls with that zippo, I tried it and trust me its not a good idea lol.

    1,000 posts WOOH WOOH!
  8. Zippos aren't even bad to light with if your on the go and its all you have, my one buddy always has his and can manage to corner a bowl with it.

  9. It tastes like shit if you use the zippo lighter fluid lol.
  10. Well, if it was just pressed kief than you can make your own with a grinder or a box, so really, it could be around all the time. You can even press it if you want, though I doubt I would go to the trouble.

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