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Just smoked Concentrate for first time

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fr33Water, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    Yesterday i had smoked concentrate for my first time. I have been smoking weed for a while now, and never had a bad trip. Once i smoked one hit from the concentrate i was so high in the sky that i couldn't control myself.. I was with 3 of my friends and they were taking hits like nothing and were not even tripping one bit.. in the beginning i was ok, later i thought i was gonna die, and puked everywhere.. it started to calm down after a few hours, but in the morning i still feel it, less of course, but the feeling is still there..

    Has this ever happened to anyone and is it ok to happen?

  2. What type of concentrate was it? Hash? Bho? Kind of sounds like the first time I smoked good Amber glass, except all the bad shit that happerned to you.
  3. My friends said its Wax, so i guess thats what it is, or could be hash. It was green sticky stuff that smelled like weed and was in this like circle container.
  4. thats the pits man, i wish you could have enjoyed it more. i can't find any concentrates around me. only once was i offered any and i kick myself in the head all the time for not getting it. lol happy tokin dude and thanks for the share.
  5. Lol did you dab it? That's like 3x as strong as just topping bowls with it. It's where you use a blow torch to heat a nail or pad and then use a little dabber with a bit of the concentrate on it. If that's the case yeah it's easy to go overboard if you don't have a tolerance to it.
  6. a bad trip? What the fuck are you talking about

  7. You can hallucinate off weed... Its hard to do and not fun though.
  8. I think he means getting uncomfortably high, and resulting in large amounts of anxiety. Maybe a panic attack?
  9. you didnt trip, pfft. You most likely greened out and underestimated the potency.
  10. who you trying to fool? Take a trip sometime and youll realize how foolish you sound.

    concentrate is awesome just kills your tolerance. Next time just realize that poor people are still smoking stress and your kicking back enjoying gold, so embrace it.
  11. thats a shitty first man, sorry to hear..

    concentrates ftw though. gotta be easy though first time around, shits no joke!

    I felt pretty overwhelmed the first time i tried some bho, actually was coughin so much i could feel my brain being deprived of air n seeing stars. Real trippy mang, was too much.

    Now they're like fishsticks, love 'em.

  12. Ive tripped of conventional hallucinogens and off Cannabis. Its definitely possible, the anxiety is the same anxiety one may feel as the effects of a hallucinogen take hold.
  13. Why would it ever be okay for something like that to happen?

    If you are experiencing negative side effects of toking, then you should avoid those methods or materials for toking. Don't use concentrates anymore, or get them from a more reliable source. I've never seen wax that is green before, the whole point is that it is supposed to be as free from impurity as possible.

    You smoked too much. Just ease up next time. If you're starting to feel too anxious, get to a safe, comfortable place and plant yourself, regardless of what your friends want to do.

  14. idk what you mean by conventional hallucinogens but the anxiety from cannabis (which ive never experienced) is no where near (non existent at this point) the anxiety from a true hallucinogen/dissociative (which i have experienced, unfortuantely and fortunately)
  15. If I could elucidate: 'conventional' = 'true' in your conversation.

    You're basically debating about personal experiences, so not only is it borderline against the forum rules, it's also the quickest way to nowhere in this discussion. Anxiety is a reaction from your body, and can be brought about in the same/different way from same/different agonists.
  16. Bro weed doesn't make you trip. I think I can say this, but if you try salvia you'll know what tripping is like, of course there's some other unmentionables that can help you too. (they sell salvia on the site so i think im safe... plus its legal in a lot of places)

    But seriously in no way does weed make you trip lmao

  17. By conventional hallucinogens I mean Psilocybin mushrooms. Also you compare something that you admit you have no experience with to something you do? If you have never had anxiety or paranoia from smoking then you're just not smoking enough. I can tell from experience that it feels exactly the same, after 3 edibles and smoking a quarter it was definitely a psychedelic experience, no doubt about it.

  18. I advise anyone saying weed cannot make you trip to eat 2 potent edibles and smoke a lot of sativa dom bud. You simply have never smoked enough in one sitting to trip, but it is definitely possible.
  19. I agree with every post you have made on this thread :D
  20. Damn, that sucks. At least you can find extracts though, strictly buds around here :/

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