Just smoked an L of purple kush

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  1. My buddy and i just smoked the illest L of purple kush ever. We are buggin out and having a good ass laugh about things. WE are so messed upp. Smoke the Herb on a chill sunday like this. Peace. Love. Herb:smoke:
  2. A blunt.

    It is NY slang.
  3. Yeeeh, Sunday Afternoon blazing. Just chilling in the sun light.
  4. If you wanna go and get high wit me
    Smoke a L in the back of the Benz-y
    Oh why must I feel this way?
    (Hey, must be the money!)
  5. I smoke purp all day.
    mob son
  6. We say L when we stick two rizlas in a form of an L
  7. I've got that taco smell
    That pescado smell
    I've got a lot of smells
    I've rolled a lot of L's

  8. dude, das racist...
  9. an L is not a blunt. Its two papers stuck together. One horizontal and one vertical. That way you can roll a cone without the fattest part being paper thin.
  10. No^

    an L is a blunt

    defiently regional dialect though
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    In NY an L is slang for a blunt.... Trust me, it is NY slang.

    The poster is from long island, so that is 100% what he is referring too, I hear the word L on a daily basis and most of them are people who I have never even seen smoke a joint, let alone know a thing about rolling a cone shaped joint.

    Just like you have cali slang, like hella and yadadamean, on the east coast, an L is a blunt.

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