Just smoked again.

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    I just smoke for the first time in a week today. I think I over did it slightly. Had a bowl with my friend at 9 and just did another one to my self. I am pretty good though.
    I can hear my fish tank in the back ground and the low hum of the fan.

    I can look at this if I time it right. It is fucking awesome.
    [​IMG][/IMG][​IMG][/IMG] This is early in the day so I dont see it as much. I like the night better.
    Two of my friends say that she talks to them. Just she just goes up to the front of the tank and opening its mouth and shutting it repeatedly.
    She is a mean fucker. Chases every fish in there like once a day. Just like hey wtf get away.
  2. very cool, i love those kinda fish tanks i want a huge one in my crib when im older
  3. Yeah, I want to upgrade to a bigger one, one day. I want more coral but dont have money for the light I want.
  4. fish tanks are pimp
  5. Man I smoked for the first time in 3 weeks about an hour ago...finally got some chronic off a high school buddy. It most distinctively had a piney smell and taste, and it was icky as hell. I'm still floating...

    but naw I don't think I over did it...

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