Just Smoked a Desperation Bowl

Discussion in 'General' started by Kris Benwa, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. So I just a bowl of stems and resin because I am out of weed I affectionately named the contents of the bowl "jungle rice". I wasn't really desperate I just figured I'd something when some stems I had hanging around. I only got a little high I'm starting to come down now and the headaches have begun. Just thought I'd share mostly for the jungle rice thing
  2. lol jungle rice

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  3. That's the jungle fever you are gettin on the comedown, but yeah I've done that before. I feel like I should get high by the transitive property atleast :p
  4. Eww resin belongs in the garbage dude.  You gonna be coughing up black shit like my one buddy I work with.
  5. Resin ball can take you places though you gotta agree
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  6. I doubt it's from smoking res
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  7. a REALLY great idea for leftover stems are keeping them in one of the largest pill containers they use, the like 10 inch tall mad wide ones.

    Save up a LOAD of stemmage

    put a nickel or two in there, yes, Nickels, coins.

    Pull some ripped pantyhose REALLY TIGHTLY over the top and secure it

    Turn over and shake the fuck outta it over a mirror/glass.

    BOOM. mad kief and you dont have to smoke those stems......
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  8. I always do this whenever I have less than an ounce worth of stems, except I keep the lid of the container on and bang the container on the desk once when i'm finished, and most of the kief falls out. I love doing this!

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  9. It's an honestly BRILLIANT idea I got from a thread here years ago, worsk so well........After you shake a lil bit of QUALITY stemmage aned realize the kief yourre getting youll think WTF WHY HAVENT I BEEEN DOING THIS?!???? You can also take that Kief...and make HASH! Yes......bombbbb hash from fucking shook up assed stems! ;p
  10. I throw all of my stems into a bottle of liquor

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