Just skipped senior year homecoming

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  1. i went to go toke with a buddy of mine who couldnt go. sad story behind that. makes me realize how stupid dances are. what are some dance stories from your high school days? did you smoke back then?
  2. skipped mine too, not really a big deal to be honest none of my friends really went a lot did but not alot of people go. Im not a big fan of my schools dances really
  3. high school dances were so wonderfully awkward and hilarious. i rather enjoyed them.
  4. I went to one, Sadies my sophomore year, i rolled balls and decided school dances werent my thing
  5. I think I went... I think. Wait... My memory says he is inaccessable at this point in time. Please try again later.
  6. school dances really arent my thing. but if i go i make sure i get a big booty black chick to grind on my cock
  7. I was about to skip mine, but decided at the last minute to go. It was as stupid as I expected it to be, but I got to hang out with some friends so it wasn't a complete waste


    I am the one making a party getting drunk beforehand and going crazy.
  9. The joys of talking behind a computer screen.
  10. High school dances were the shit, or, at least I thought they were until I came to college. Now college dance parties are the shit
  11. I never went to any dances in high school and dont regert it.
  12. We skipped homecoming to have a grand smokeout with a bunch of friends at my friends cabin on the river.

    We attended our prom for maybe an hour before going to the hotel that our parents bought for us and had one of the weirdest rolls ever. Complete with the most intense hallucinations that I have ever had on any drug
  13. Thinking about skipping mine too... it is my best friends birthday and I'm taking her out for the weekend... sounds a lot more fun.
  14. I skipped my prom. No big deal honestly. I got to hear about how much it sucked on monday morning :cool:.
  15. Skipped mine because i was covered in sweat from playing football. packed a quarter in to my neighbors bong instead.party slides FTW!
  16. yeah most high school dances at my school were lame, my date and I would usually show up then leave like within 30 mins or an hour to the after party
  17. my mom paid me 500 bucks for not going to my junior and senior prom. haha what a dumbass. she said the reason was she didnt want me going out and getting drunk and having sex and getting girls pregnant. lol. i wasnt even having sex at all at the time and i didnt drink. only smoked weed. haha but i didnt argue. 500 bucks for not going to prom was such a good deal. :hello:

  18. That's badass. Reminds me of my friends mom who paid her son $200 to cut his hair (he had long hair and she only made him cut it halfway).

    I have never been to a homecoming or the prom. Didn't wanna wear a suit to dance to gay ass music.
  19. my sisters school dances are FAT...at disneyland and just nice places...never at her school...expensive tho! like 120$ a ticket
  20. high school dances were so weak, id rather smoke a blunt then get drunk at my school lol

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