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Just Sitting here wondering ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shamwowgal, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. I know I could have done a search on this stuff, but I thought this would make for interesting convo or even super funny, I just rolled a joint for the first time in a while and halfway through I was totallt baked and it came to me I want to know who the first person ever to smoke pot was? who invented the bong? who was the first person to say the word "joint"?

    FOrgive me if Im just being annoying but I very curious..we could have a weed wikipedia theard like the creepy wikipedia thread. lol :smoke:
  2. prolly some random caveman for the first person to ever smoke pot lol
  3. Fuck, you're making me think...

  4. Yup, that's how we evolved.. sweet, sweet cannabis.

    But seriously, here's the FAQ

    Simply put: Africans invented the bong to smoke cannabis.'

    As for joint.. far too subjective of a question for me to even attempt at finding the answer :smoke:
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  5. Me. It was all Me.
  6. lol I can seriously see the caveman dragging his bitch with one hand joint in the other.
  7. Joint may be a newer term for it, well relatively new
  8. Someone needs to invent a time machine so we can find out the answers:smoke:
  9. Sorry i am not responding I am writing Ill post some of my work soon.
  10. i know that chinese emperors and the like used to smoke pot thousands of years ago, i think that's the earliest record of people smoking it, not positive though.
  11. We did that with a dead animal on our back that she was expected to cook...Ha, good times.:cool:
  12. I just want to know who was the first person to decide to rip a plant out of the ground, burn it, and inhale the shit that comes off of it. or maybe it was an accident. still interesting though.
  13. Probably someone with my thought process..."Oh, look, funny lookin' plant...I'm going to light it on fire.":cool:
  14. people have been smokin herbs since i made it cool

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