Just showing off the main-lined

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  1. The mainline looks so cool. 8 main branches and I also have a indica in the smae tent.
    Snapchat-2121752333.jpg Snapchat-1902243009.jpg Snapchat-232324906.jpg Snapchat-1379546465.jpg Snapchat-2092704471.jpg

    I need a bigger light and tent!!!!
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  2. wow you went super long on the manifoldy part lol. anyways looks super good
  3. Yeah I know lol. The plant was about 3 to 4 weeks into veg when I was starting to run out of room in the veg cab. So I just kept topping until I got what i wanted.
    I tried to main-line some clones but kept fucking it up. But I have another 5 clones I can practice on.
    Seems like this growing style is the way to go for my setup.
  4. ah. yeah mainling is pretty neat. i did a 4 topped plant and an 8 side by side. i kept the bottom part pretty tight so i think the plants were barely bigger around than the 5gal bucket they were in.
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  5. If I could just master the clone mainline then I'd be set. But I keep fucking it up. I'll try again tonight
  6. You have any pictures?
  7. Sure

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  8. hell ya got my 2nd grow going, doing 4 manifolds and have 3 clones and 1 from seed in my veg tent
    2nd grow manifold
    if you guys got time check it out and give me some tips

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