just shaved my balls for the first time ever

Discussion in 'General' started by Dreadlocker, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. its weird but kinda nice. i hope this doesnt gross you out.

    gettin laid tomorrow ftw... been a while... figure id go this route. not sure if ill ever do it again.

    blades and bladettes, ur opinions please.:smoke:
  2. Ah you're gonna be itchin like a bitch bro.

  3. not to bad so far, i used an electric razor on a meduim short setting. never get the itches when i shave my face. now u got me scared :p

    but yea, seems ok for now.
  4. hope you don't get any red bumps

    >shitty herpes joke eh<
  5. i really don't care if a guy shaves his balls or not, just keep it trimmed and not to wild, hahah.
  6. You done fucked up, you going to get an ingrown hair,yo.
  7. I always keep that shit shaved. Feels way better then having a bush.

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