:( just shattered my downstem

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  1. gah, is there anyway i can still use my bong without getting a new one? fuck this blows
  2. uhh hmm I guess you could find something to craft a temporary down stem out of?
  3. Steamroller. Or make it "stemless" if it's possible by your joint angle.
  4. Same thing happend to me a few days ago. I ran to my local head shop and got a diffused downstem for $15
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    eh, good to know its cheap
    i'm gonna try to use it "stemless"
    not too sure if its possible but oh well.
    stemless = fail.
  6. Stems are cheap they'll run you anywhere from 5 to 20 dollars depending on size. If the old one didn't smash too bade you might be able to use some tape or something until you make it to the headshop
  7. i dont think i can fix it back together with tape
    its in like 10 pieces :[
    oh well it might be a while till i can go visit a headshop again, but at least it's not too expensive
    absolute terrible luck with my first bong
    ashcatcher and downstem both broken within the first week :[
    at least the bong is heavy glass. hope bong stays in one piece for a while :p

  8. milkshot before you break it haha :hello:
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    depending on what type of bong it is you may be able to use it like a stemless. dont forget to smoke it straight up otherwise it wont work.

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  10. i got a 7mm roor beaker a few months back, my first and only roor. a week or two ago my buddy was wrestling with another kid on the couch stoned out of his mind and kicked the bong over. i heard the smash of the glass and thought it was all over for the thing. luckily it was just the downstem that broke, but now i have to wait until he gets the replacement diffuser to smoke GonG...

    i'd say get out there ASAP to get the replacement. and if you don't have a roor thank god you don't have to shell out 50 bucks to get a diffuser like i do!
  11. massive success!
    woke up this morning and i was really pissed about it
    gathered up all the pieces of glass and taped it back together
    it works pretty well, but not sure how long it will hold up.
    oh and its not diffussed anymore lol
  12. how shattered? more water worked in my zong but it was only cracked bt the bottom now downstem only 5 bucks and a diffuser would be i much better investment for aroung 10 bucks

  13. did nt read this sorry thats great i just fixed my acrylic with super glue and tape thanks god for tape

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