Just sexed my plants.

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  1. Being only a social smoker, I've only ever grown one plant at a time and taken the chance I got a girl. After producing 6 boys in a row, I went a little over board and planted every seed I had. Sixteen came up, three passed away and today I weeded out seven boys. I have three definite girls and three unknowns. I'm feeling mighty chuffed. I've begun twining wire around the stems on the girls to lay them flat so they produce more bud stems. Wish me luck!! :wave:
  2. wow, you get quite a lot of males....

    good luck with the rest of things...
  3. Good luck to you.
  4. woo! My last three unknowns turned out to be girls, so now I've got six. I've got them in two big pots (4 in one, 2 in the other) and I've jsut started bringing them inside at night seeing my version of "winter" is moving in. I'm sure they'd be fine outside like their free range cousins but with my luck, I'd rather not take the chance! So so so happy right now, I'm looking forward to harvesting them in 6-7 weeks.
  5. woohoo again.. I snipped a small, immature bud from one of my 7-week old plants yesterday - just to test it of course!! The result was a nice head stone that lasted for around 70-80 minutes which is great seeing it was so tiny and really not ready for picking. That's it, just wanted to share my joy.

    I'll have to post some pics of them as they're budding rather strangely compared to others that I've grown before. Then again, it could be just me.

  6. 6 to 7 weeks from sexing to harvesting?? I have sexed some of my babes now, they are about 5 weeks old, I expect to have them all done in 10 days or so. But I dont anticipate harvesting until the end of September, about 4 months away.

    And I would never advise more than one plant in a pot. Their roots tangle with each other and you get a lower yield overall.
  7. WySiWyG I just did that too my plant's bud gave me such a good fucking high! WOO it was awsome and Good Luck!
  8. I'm not too concerned if the roots tangle and the yield is lower, I don't smoke that often. I do move the plants around a lot so keeping them together makes it easier - can't move 'em once their in the ground. I just ran outside to take some pics. The nodes are rather spaced which is unlike others that I've grown but Mummy-plant smoked real nice so I don't care if they show a bit of leg.

  9. Then why ask questions as to how you can improve your yield ??

    What on earth are you here for??
  10. Excuse you Spanishfly, but at no stage in any of my posts did I ask for help in increasing my yield. I'm not a moron, I know how to grow pot (and before anyone flames me, no I'm not calling anyone a moron if they sincerely ask for help). All I have been doing is posting messages about my outdoor growing, which I believe, is the name of this forum's category. Thanks.
  11. You tell em man!
  12. "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday little pot plants, I can't wait to smoke you." They've all hit 8 weeks old this week, despite the size discrepancy they're the same age, one pot has sandier dirt than the other (can you guess which pot?) :) The plants are kinda scraggly this time around but then again, it is the middle of winter for me so they're doing ok for the season I think.

    So I thought I'd post some pics to show how they're going. I've included a pic of one plant that I've tied down so that fella can stop asking what it looks like when someone 'trains' a plant. Damn nice of me I say! :p I tied it down last night and already the tip has turned and righted itself back up and the leaves are turning to catch more sunlight.


    And I still don't subscribe to the "one pot, one plant" idea - it suits me to grow more in a pot and yield quantity isn't important to me and I certainly won't stress if they do. Quality not quantity I say.

    It appears that I have one plant that's not like the others in the sense that the tips of the buds are turning a dark purple. Now, I'm not an expert on the strains but it's definitely unlike anything else I've grown before. Hopefully its difference will mean a different stone.

    I'm fanging to snip and dry the little suckers. I plan on doing one plant at a time starting at the most mature. I'll snip and dry the bigger buds, leaving the smaller ones to grow on and repeat the process plant by plant, that way they should just keep rebudding and producing bigger yields as summer comes on.

  13. Your plants look great. I have a question though. How is it you tell the sex of your plant? How old do they have to be to tell? Good luck to you too.
  14. I put some pics about this in a thread started by DevilDank.

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