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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by nikidog11, Apr 15, 2003.

  1. Man im pumped just finished setting up my 250W HPS (damn almost like work) Im working with 6 square feet and the coverage looks great so far. Ordered the light on Thursday and I got it on Monday! As ive mentioned before I been using flouros for last two years, they got me by but I wasnt getting the kind of yields that I thought I should I hope this solves that problem...

    Thanks to everyone for advice (special thanks to sidious)
    Grow on
  2. congrats on that HPS...they are powerful, but 6' is a big area...how many plants you growing u need to make sure they the intensity of the coverage is that strong...if worse comes to worse use ur flourous on the side...congrats on ur first HPS
  3. Ya my space is 2' deep 3' long and 5' high (closet) I used the area chart listed on elights.com Ideal lumen output for
    4-9 square feet was 250W I got it up and running yesterday and it is definetly MORE than enough light damn that dude is bright! Also alittle hotter than my flouros, Im going to have to stay on top of the ventilation especially in the summer.
    I have 3 NL clones in there now (1gal containers) but I could and will put 6 total next round
  4. niki welcome to the problems of working with the heat from HPS.....lol....especially in summer...lol......Peace out....Sid
  5. I have one plant about 2 weeks old... still a seedling...
    Using two 24" flourescant plant growing lights.... and have a 175W HPS to set up as soon as plant gets a bit bigger...

    My questions is is this too much for just one plant?

  6. the more light the merrier......Peace out....Sid
  7. Things have been working pretty good with the new HPS,
    but for all you newbies like me if you go with some form of HID lighting have a ventilation plan in place! I been working last 2 days on installing (im slow) a intake and output fans.
    I got a couple of 3 1/2" computer fans and they seem to be doing the job HID is the way to go but they will get hot in confined areas.
  8. Ok the fans are in place and they work great, I got one bringing in cool fresh air and one blowing warm (bud stinky) air into the attic. It was pretty easy after I got started, my whole ventilation set up cost me $41.00 for the 2 fans and a 3 1/2" holesaw. I also got a box fan in the room to keep the air moving around. After I first installed the HPS temps would get to close to 100deg. Now Im running about 82deg. Oh ya I had a 120volt to 12volt adaptor that gives me variable speed on the fans. I also beefed up my light support chain set up.
    I will send some pictures when I get around to buying a digital camera.

    PS do you indoor guys run your ventilation with your light schedule or more/less

    Thanks in advance

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