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Discussion in 'General' started by Tokerfromdownunder, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    Just joined the City and wanted to say Hi! I’ve recently moved to Charlotte North Carolina, all the way from Sydney Australia. I really love it here in Charlotte the weather is great and the people seem so friendly. I haven’t made any friends as of yet. however, I am looking to meet new people who have similar interests, are there any active members on here in or around Charlotte?
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  2. Well I'm in Charlotte, welcome to the city (both) what part of Charlotte are in?

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  3. Hi Bigocd,

    Thank you for the welcome. I'm south west of the city close to the boarder of South Carolina, close to Lake Wylie if you know where that is. How about yourself?
  4. I am southeast near Mathews. How long have you been in the area. That's a big move.

    So you said the weather is great. It's 7 am and I'm already sweating and I'm sitting still. How bad must it have been where you came from lol

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  5. Welcome aboard ol' miss America, blade!

    Enjoy yourself and take advantage of the legality of weed wherever it applies! Cheers :wave:
  6. I've been here since the beginning of July, so just over 2 weeks or so. It was a big move and a long flight, around 25 hours.

    The weather in Australia can reach highs of about 40 degrees Celsius, doing the calculation I think that's around 104 Fahrenheit.

    I'm enjoying the summers here it's the winters I'm not looking forward to. However, I can't wait to seeing snow!
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  7. Hey Mistahsparklez,

    Thank you for the welcome. Very much appreciated.
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  8. Lol welcome to gc. Australia would be fun to take a vacation at.
  9. I'd of stayed in Australia...Charlotte is like a spider, all beautiful at first, you want to get close and then...BAM! Bites you on the fuckin' hand.

    Welcome to Our City though, now you can never, ever leave...But we have Kool-Aid, everyone still likes that, right?:coolalt:
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  10. Thanks guys for the welcome.

    Would totally recommend Australia for a holiday, as there is plenty of things to see and do. All depending on what you enjoy. I do highly recommend going to see the Great Barrier Reef though.

    Lol had to google Cool-Aid... And now I want some!
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