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Just saying HIGH

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Oct 19, 2002.

  1. HIGH All, thought I'd say HIGH to you All on this fine Saturday morning. Just like you BPP I've been doing that four letter swear word and two days home just doesn't cut it. Been going down Island for three and a half months now and staying in a motel in Victoria. Been working with the some youngins (24 and 25) and one smokes cigars. He lit one up and it smelt soooo good I had to try it… after 11 years of quitting the Government's drug. Captain Blacks sweets cigars is what I'm smoking now and let me tell you Rocdog was not and still not impressed. HIGHa my Cyber BUDdy you quit and so will I.
    Changing the subject…went fishing with Woodbug and Rocdog last weekend and the little gaffer catches a ten pound Coho in the river and I caught a little Jack Coho that weighed maybe a pound. A group of Cub Scouts stroll by and see his fish and ask if “your Dad caught that big fish” he laughs and says “no I caught it and the little one is my Dads” they All laugh and give him HIGH fives All around.

    So here my friends is one happy little dude who I love soooo much.

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  2. That's SOO cool!! I really should have taken my boys fishin' this summer.......they went on their own a few times and caught a few little bluegills. I've got a few choice spots where the catfish are large and put up a heller fight! Maybe next summer.........

    I bet yer boy was FLOATIN home that day!!! He's a real cutie!!

    Cigars stink!! Cigarettes do, too. Damn! I wish I could quit.......I'd never touch 'em again!! I think...................
  3. highya
    uh,uh that patch thing sucked. but im still wroking on it (eh, sorta)
    i never mentioned it before but cigars are pretty nice from time to time but i can see your darlins point. such a fine line.

    speakin of workin with the young'uns my husbands best partner for 2 years is 18. works his little butt off.

    looks like your a pretty cool dad guy to hang with. kids got it made :)
  4. Good to see you again Old Friend! We had the kids classmates out fishing not long ago and I can't believe how many kids told me thanks that their Dads have never taken them fishing.
  5. HIGH All,

    BPP oh man how I hear you, something so relaxing and something that makes a kid beam so much I just can't finger it out. And yes Big Guy it's good to be here from time to time I miss talking to you All.

    HIGHA BUDdy my LHM is on the patch and it's helping him out, I'm hoping it'll work on you. Tell me when your Government Smoke Free and I'll make someone in my life happy again.

    Yes HIGHa some young'uns know what they want in life and know how to get it….that four letter word….you have yourself a good night HIGHa. Oh ya you All will see me this week seeing as we have to work just down island a bit (Courtney shhhh!!!) and I'll be home so I can be here a little more (till next week).

    AAAHHHH stonie jo you are one of the coolest here at the City and I smile every time I read a post from you. Maybe jump on the band wagon with HIGHA and me. I'm sure you All can quit this Government Addiction. Almost forgot..I presume the reason you say next summer on taking the boys fishing is because everything is frozen solid now. Next summer you get out there and enjoy what your kids aren't missing out…trust us you'll have a blast.
    Woodbug FLOATIN home…you bet. He sure was a little happy dude that day

    Just to show you All I can catch a pounder or two too.

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