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    Sweet place you've got here, thinking about settling in.

    I smoked weed from 71 or 72 until 1/29/2001 when my right lung collapsed for the second time from emphysema. Subsequently, I had my right upper lobe removed and quit smoking everything including cigarettes, until about five years ago. One day coming back to work from lunch, I got behind a guy smoking a cigar and it smelled so good! The next day I purchased some and that was that. I still smoke, but do NOT inhale them. Several months ago, I got back to my old "bud". I still hit a bong now and then and joints from time to time, but I just got a PAX and I love it so far! Hope to be able to contribute in some way! See you around.
  2. BTW & FWIW I do not inhale cigars, never have and I am cutting down the frequency of them, in the process of quitting them completely.
  3. Hi Captain, I'm "Granny". Since you are a tad older than most of the kids here, you may be interested in my hobby- I collect MMJ studies and articles- lots of them! Seems like cannabis is good for a LOT more than just getting high! :smoking:

    To access an older, much smaller version of my "Granny Storm Crow's List", just click that first link in my sig, right under my grandfather's quote. You can even skip the 1 page intro- it isn't that important!

    What I want you to see is 1000s of links to medical studies and articles. Out of all the links in my current List, these two are "must reads"! :D

    Pot compound seen as tool against cancer (news – 2012)
    Pot compound seen as tool against cancer - SFGate

    Marijuana May Slow Alzheimer's (news - 2006)
    Marijuana May Slow Alzheimer's

    The List has sections on "Methods of Use", that covers tinctures, edibles, capsules, e-cigarettes and some odder ways of using cannabis! And speaking of edibles, if you want to try them, you have to look at this!

    BadKat's CannaPharm: -Linked- Table of Contents (forum post - 2012)

    If you like what you find in my old List at GC, send me an email (bottom of my sig) and I will happily send you the up to date, 1000+ pages of links, 2013 List as a PDF. (hotmail sometimes has problems with the size of the List. Yahoo and Gmail are fine.)

    Have fun at the City! :gc_rocks:

    Granny :wave:
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    Well thanks Granny, that's very kind of you! I appreciate the info and I'll be sending you an email!

    This type of post is one of the reasons why :gc_rocks: !

    Captain Beyond
  5. Welcome to GC & Glad to have you on here!

    Vaporizing for the win!

    Have a good one mayne & hope to see you around the site! :wave:
  6. Mail should be in! :D
  7. Indeed and then some Granny, thanks again!

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