Just saw this on twitter...irritated me

Discussion in 'Politics' started by married2mj, Nov 17, 2011.

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    Obama to Australia's Parliament: The United States will play a larger and long-term role in shaping this region and its future

    Please tell me why.
  2. Let's go down under now, god knows someone deserves to get eaten out first before we fuck em as per usual.
  3. Damn, what business do we have down under?
  4. U.S. has to keep it's guard up while it continues to pillage the natural resources of Eurasia and Africa.
  5. The cruel hard reality of the World we live in.

    We have had a long standing relationship with Australia for many, many years. We have also maintained radar sites, ports of call, and Joint Exercises with them. :smoke:
  6. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaGCJmCAJ40]The Secret Government (CIA Overthrow of Mossadeq) - YouTube[/ame]

    The U.S. has to play tough with the likes of China and Russia if it wants to continue it's dominance over the region.
  7. Awesome. Maybe now they'll have Australia as a destination for the Peace Corps.

    I've always wanted to see 'tha great barria reef' :cool:
  8. The Aussies have crazy amounts of natural resources in that outback majigger.
  9. Just please don't come to New Zealand.
  10. Sorry Aussie, but you let big mother green and here killing machine in and it will now be a platform for the NWO in the eastern hemisphere.
  11. Just my crazy opinion which happens to be a fact of reality....:p

    The Bible says two 'beasts' will rise to power to build a global government. ;)

    Beasts are governmental powers for those of you in Rio Linda. :p

    The first beast is likely Rome and the second beast who has the military is likely Washington DC, other wise known as CAPITAL HILL aptly named after CAPITOLINE Hill in ROME.

    I'm just sayin'. :D

  12. Max you provide a really invigorating angle sometimes.
  13. We have a shit ton of uranium that our idiot pm continues to sell in replace for our souls.

    I really wish our government would stop wandering down the same path as the US but according to Obamas recent visit we are Americas closest Allie

    American troops are also going to be training here in oz aswell :/
  14. I wouldn't doubt it that they are recruiting Aussies down there to fight for America in one of the endless territories we occupy. Because lord knows no American Citizen with more than half a brain does a tour of duty with the US Military.
  15. Now you resort to bad-mouthing anyone who did more than one tour in the military? You are a piece of work. :rolleyes: :smoke:

  16. No I'm bad mouthing anyone who has enlisted into the US military in the last 150 years. Maybe if people stop volunteering our country wouldn't be so fucked as is today. :)
  17. The poor in this country are practically forced to join the US military. Want to escape poverty and go to college? Join the military and get the GI Bill. Want to escape the dangers of the ghetto? Join the military. Want to graduate without massive debt? Join the military. Want healthcare for you and your family? Join the military. I have considered it several times myself to escape my own debt and poverty plus get preferential hiring and a sweet little government job. Yes its leeching off the system but whatch ya gonna do? I'd rather have my piece of the pie then live in self righteous poverty.
  18. Imperialism.
  19. We need MOAR STATES so we can fight MOAR states.

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