Just saw something amazing.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by smoke or die, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Im at my moms and her friend was over also. She said she would give me 10 bucks to wash her car. So im out there washing and i look up in the sky (this was an hour ago so about 9:30 pm) and i see a bright orange light a little bigger than a plane moving VERY fast. I watch it fly for like 30 seconds until it starts getting dimmer and dimmer and it eventually disapears. It was a little bigger than a plane but the light wasnt blinking like planes do. I am very skeptical of UFO's but idk what the hell this was. This blew my mind. IDC if anyone believes me because i know what i saw.
  2. maybe it was a satellite outside the atmosphere?

  3. Mabey. Would they be orange lights that dont blink tho? and why would it just disapear and not come back?
  4. Dude I saw that fucking shit too! It looked like a shooting star to me.

  5. lol when? It coudnt have been a shooting star. I live in a populated city where we coudnt even see stuff like that. Also shooting starts are really fast and last like 3 seconds. This lasted a good 30-60 seconds easily.
  6. Maybe its one of those random squiggly lines/dots you see from time to time.
  7. aeroplane ?
    EDIT: my b, sorry OP didnt read whole post before i posted, disregard this.

  8. hahah no. it was bright orange and i watched it for a while. it wasnt something in the corner of my eye that moves whenever you try to look at it sorta thing

  9. Oh well, it would have been really cool if we had seen the same shooting star in different cities. I figured it was around the same time you had posted your sighting and just sorta got carried away with that idea.

    Anyways I have seen orange lights in the sky that are identical to what you describe, they're called Chinese sky lanterns, prolly just some crazy kids man.:(

    Still a cool sighting i guess, :smoke:
  10. That's some area 51 shit maaan! The man is holdin out on us Coverin up all kinds of conspiracies and alien landings and secret shit... Lol jk but I'd say shooting star or aliens
  11. It was an....unidentified flying object. Thats all you need to know lest the gov'ment come n take yo baby.
  12. I hear this happened a lot to "homosexual" males.
  13. *inb4ancientaliensmeme*
  14. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAdNKPR8gZc]Glo-Lantern Flame Retardant Biodegradable Sky Lanterns - YouTube[/ame]

    It's pretty obvious you guys. OP's neighbors prolly let some fly tonight.
  15. Hide yo kids,hide yo wife!:eek:
  16. Who washes a car at 9:30pm?

  17. Me. Cuz i was offered money. but guys i dought it was a lanter cuz of how far it travaled.
  18. [quote name='"Peter Griffin"']maybe it was a satellite outside the atmosphere?[/quote]

    Don't they look like stars but moving really fast across the sky?

    I remember seeing one in the desert. It was amazing
  19. im pretty sure nasa launched a rocket yesterday. going to mars for some badass mission, its supposed to drop a rover in like 8 months
  20. wow this is so chill

    when i die i want my ashes carried away in a flock of hundreds of these, and all my old ass stoner friends can light up and say later bro. haha thats so morbid dunno why i thought of it

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