Just saw Salt.

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Verdurous, May 14, 2011.

  1. I didn't think the ending offered much conclusion. Felt like it just cut off. Is there going to be a sequel or something?
  2. Saw that in theaters with my grandmother. Remember it being good.

    Got it from Netflix last week and watched it stoned... didn't help to refresh the storyline in my head. But I do remember it being good the first time around.

    No idea about a sequel. Doubt it. Guess you could IMDb Angelina and see if she is working on a Salt 2... chances are you'll find nothing.
  3. There are talks of a sequel, but nothing definitive quite yet. Angelina's schedule is quite busy.

    Also, not really sure it needed one to be honest - though women action heroes are few and far between...the film itself was really a by-the-numbers actioner, nothing really special.
  4. I loved it. But I'm easy to please when it comes to movies
  5. Idk I guess I just expected to see some more development surround her finding the other spies and stopping the whole KGB takeover operation. Albeit, I wasn't paying too much attention at the end, but it seemed to me like she just jumped out of the heli and it ended. What if she drowned?!?! lol
  6. You see her make land, I think the film did well, I wouldn't doubt a sequel - atleast they left that option IMO :D
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    That would've been when I wasn't paying attention. lol I'll have to rewatch the ending.

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