Just saw Rise of the planet of the apes. And I was high as fuck

Discussion in 'Movies' started by kliff2004, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. So me and my friend decide to leave early for the movie.

    I always like to go out with my Weed Star double bubble 2.0 cause its so convenient for trips.

    We get tot he movie about 15 minutes early, and me and my friend pack a bunch of bowls before we go for the movie.

    Well I have to say, that was a phenomenal movie.

    I felt that everything about it was perfect. I didnt really know what to expect with this movie because I was not a big fan of the recent remake of the planet of the apes.

    But no, the acting was wondering, the action was amazing, and the story was really well written.

    Before getting into the movie I felt that there really couldnt be a good way of making this awesome. And holy shit balls was I wrong.

    The crowd I was with gave it a standing ovation.

    Well not really. but i dont want to spoil it for you, you will see when its over =)

    I highly recommend this movie, and for anyone that wants spoilers I dont give shit about giving them so be careful if you dont want to read one.

    Maybe the weed helped me enjoy it a little bit more. but Im the kinda guy that when he sees something thats funny, he will react. And I was loud in that theater >___>
  2. sweet cant wait till i download it
  3. i loved it too

    ceasar was the shit had me rootin for the apes lol
  4. I still gotta see this mmovie
  5. it was pretty good, i expected a little more but maybe i just have high expecations..

    and i was kinda pissed cause before i had left to see it i smoked alone then went to see it with my bro and sis (neither smoke) and we got there it was sold out and the next showing wasnt for another 2 hours haha so we got food, i munched out, then went and saw the movie like 70% sober :(
  6. The orangatan was the shit.

    You could tell he was the stoner of the ape family.
  7. I'm about to buy a blu-ray just for this movie.

    It's that good.

    I love the intelligent animal mindset.

  8. what i found so interesting was how scientifically accurate everything was.

    As well as the over welling social message it sends

    Do you have any idea how stupid we as a species are?

    Look at ceaser

    All he did was say "no"

    And everything changed.

    America as a society will collapse before we learn what that simple ape knew.

    When someone tries to take your freedom from you

    You just say "no"
  9. Ceaser was very respectable. He identified with his species because he saw he would never be treated as an equal by humans. His solution: revolt, freedom and self-determination.
  10. I watched it last night and I didn't really like it. I mean c'mon, how hard is it to kill a group of apes? We have missiles, gatling guns, machine guns and a whole bunch of other weapons that would kill that group in maybe 10 minutes. I thought the soldiers were way too easily outsmarted.
  11. But the bridge made it difficult to stop the apes because it was suited for the apes climbing abilities.

    Plus the humans didn't have time to position the military and the normal police were easy marks for the super-smart apes.
  12. saw it yesterday....worth it...cried like a baby at the end...lol....Im one of those....
  13. Oh c'mon, lets be realistic..if something crazy did happen in real life, the military would be there in a jiffy.:rolleyes:
  14. Andy serkis is the shit man. first as gollum and now as ceasar he was amazing as well. the whole movie was really great in general but I'm just amazed at what he can do with non-human characters.
  15. I just saw this movie online, expecting nothing more than what I saw in the trailer...


    This is the kind of movie in which I recommend to absolutely everyone I know.

    It was just phenomenal.... Wow.
  16. It's more fun to watch on the big screen with a crowd.

    That way you can really appreciate the SFX and the details people respond to.
  17. Look for "Rise of the Apes" on your local DL site, best copy I've seen in ages.

    Movie was sick too, though don't be expecting action or a happy ending (unless you're like me and rooting for the Monkeys).

    I can't freaking wait for the sequel. I've been thinking about it all day (watched yesterday) and coming up with possibilities for it. Truly an awesome movie.

    However, I actually liked the 2001 Planet of the Apes, I think it's vastly underrated.
  18. and just like that you lose all credibility. :)
  19. Last night i downloaded it , smoked a blunt and watched it and...it was one of the best movies iv ever seen , i was totally blown away , a joint and this movie go together so well , when ceaser first talked and said "no" i nearly came
  20. Just because I think that a movie derided due to nostalgia I suddenly have no credibility? I've seen a lot of films and very few have the philosophical depth or creative imagination of that movie. Watch it without expecting perfection and you'll see that it's vastly better than given credit for. People hated it like they did with the new Star Wars trilogy because they were connecting it to an original film with a serious social impact and a whole lot of die-hard fanboys. Nowadays people are far more open to remakes and sequels than they were 10-15 years ago. I bet if this came out in 2001, people would say it was slow, boring, too political and there wasn't enough action. Plus, it wasn't like the original enough. The "bad" reviews for the 2001 version were nearly all "it's not enough like the original" nonsense.

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