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  1. ..for news broadcast on some thing at 10 eastern idk what day.. about how bad saliva is jsut FYI someone get more on it if they care to watch idc renogh but ya thought one of u would!@
  2. Please tell me you're talking about salvia... :rolleyes: :cool: :smoking: :D
  3. Salvias bad because unexperienced retards think they can rip 60x there first time and become utterly detached from existance......good thing the dumb fucks only suffer for 15minutes
  4. ya im high and idk how to spell it so waht wanan fight.. heh
  5. Just wanted to make sure you weren't under the impression that your own spit was bad for you. :D :cool:
  6. fox 29 thurs 10
  7. There's no doubt in my mind that Salvia will become illegal in the next few years, and it's entirely the fault of the television media. People forget that the news isn't news, it's just entertainment based on current events and is not typically accurate.

    For example, in high school I was part of a robotics team that competed in a robotics competition against other high schools. It was basically a task-oriented game, where your robot would have to move around the field and score points in various ways. Intentional destruction of other robots was forbidden. However, FOX news covered it, along with some other news outlet, and every single one of those mother fucking retards said it was a high school version of Battle Bots and proceded to lie about the program. And the next year, they did it again. And again. And they cannot be held accountable for it, since it's their 'reporters interpretation' of the event.

    Fuck the news, and fuck anyone who believes the stories they put on there.
  8. Wait! Is it okay for me to swallow my saliva!?!? Im scared :hide:

    TV knows whats right for me! .... right?
  9. Yeah... if this gets much more serious I'm gonna go stock up on 60x Salvia before it becomes illegal.
  10. dude, people come on drugs are not inherently bad. the decisions of people are bad.
  11. you all do realize if they criminalize it, it will make it extremely popular. it will enter to the statuts of other drugs like weed, lsd, meth, etc...
  12. who cares if its popular? fuck popular shit like mtv and fashion magazines. listen to "fugazi" by the long beach dub allstars

    anyway, i didnt even know they had 60x! i've heard how crazy 15x is and i was going to do some 20, 20 is the highest i've seen

  13. i think you totally missed the point there. what i was trying to say is that criminalizing it will only create an increase in its usage. so it's pointless to make a law against it.
  14. ohhhh as in prohibition no? you tell anyone they cant do/use something and they will do it so much more
  15. Ugh, this is what makes most people in our country completely retarded. They sit and believe everything that is thrown at them, like a fucking gullable baby. Then when someone (who knows their shit) says something different they say "NO, I saw it on the news". All you can really do to these people is either mushroom stamp them (assuming your a man) or just walk away because they arent worth your time. The ignorance that sweeps this country makes me fucking sick..oh well, thats the end of my rant! :D


  16. not true

    its hard to grow and doesnt yield much per plant. if the whole country criminalizes it then nobody will be risking their neck to run a 10 minute drug across the boarder that isnt even addictive.

    but if one state keeps it legal then it will be run across the country in trucks. thats how i feel about it.
  17. my sentiments exactly crusher :smoking:
  18. is saliva and saliva extract illegal in the U.S?

  19. you dont read OR spell at all do you?
  20. so im wondering what is the textbook salvia trip? ive dont it once, tripped, didn't really understand what happened, but i dont really feel a need to do again.

    my friend says it pulls everything into a blackhole for a few second... her first time she didn't understand, and then was compelled to do it again to get a better glimpse of... whatever her trip was. after tripping every day for a week, she felt too run down and needed to recoop. last ive heard of it.

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