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Just saw a real good movie I never seen before

Discussion in 'General' started by Fugee, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. The Antwone Fisher Story on HBO. Damn...I was enthralled. Mesmerized. Good movie.
  2. never heard of it.. what's it about?
  3. Never seen it either.

    From amazon.com,

    Autobiographical movies rarely get more truthfully moving than Antwone Fisher. The title is also the name of this fine drama's first-time screenwriter, a former Navy seaman who was working as a film-studio security guard when his life-inspired script was developed as Denzel Washington's directorial debut. This Hollywood dream gets better: unbeknownst to the filmmakers, Derek Luke--a newcomer who won the title role over a throng of famous contenders--was also a friend of Fisher's, and the whole film seems blessed by this fortunate coincidence. Washington's sharp instincts as an actor serve him well, as both a subtle-handed director and Luke's costar playing Jerome Davenport, a Navy psychologist assigned to assess Fisher's chronic violent temper. Their therapy sessions prove mutually beneficial, as this touching true story addresses painful memories, broken desires, and heartfelt reunions without resorting to a contrived happy ending. Fisher's good life is worth celebrating, and Washington brings a delicate touch to the party.

    Sounds kinda interesting. Maybe I'll rent it sometime.
  4. yea it was an awsome movie seen it like 3 times definitly a must see
  5. This movie was nuts. This kid Antwone Fisher is a 24 year old Navy sailor who has an aggression problem. He goes to a shrink and talks about the problems he had as a kid...his foster mom beat him, his foster sister raped him, his only friend left him...its a real emotional type of movie, but its an interesting kind of emotional.

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