Just saw a guy get robbed

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    Sorry if I fuck up spelling or anything im pretty blazed writing this and im mobile thats not a good combo for me lol.

    I was on the bus on my way home it's about 9:00 and there's only a few people on the bus a few people just minding their business but one guy with a Mac book and one guy playing on his iPhone stood out.

    I knew this wasn't right thease group of kids that where staring them down moving closer and closer as we were on our way to the next stop bus stops as soon as the back door opend they snatched this guys iPhone the guys MacBook and someone snatched a random guys Chinese food it happend so fast because they weren't expecting a thing the kids disappeard into the night
  2. I despise thiefs
  3. loool idk but this sounds like a horror movie for rich ppl

    edit: or poor works to :p
  4. That story was actually really good
    You explained it so nice +rep
  5. Shoulda tripped one of those little bastards up on their way out op!

    Makem bite the curb and shit...
  6. I've actually seen videos similar to this story on worldstar haha.
  7. stealing that chow mein ow ow
  8. LOL yea the Chinese food was OD but
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    Hope the guy was eating it when it was taken from him. That'd be hilarious.

    As for the iPhone and the Mac - Well....

    Anyone who uses Apple products deserves misfortune. >_> Call it karma.

    Kidding - never okay to steal. These kids'll get what they deserve though.
  10. Yea everyones doing it now especially down here in NY it's one of the easiest method of robbing
  11. WhenI was in Hawaii a bunch of teenage kids were on the Bus and on the way out the back exit doors there was an old lady and one of them grabbed her hair from behind and yanked hard and ran out, same thing, it happened so quick and the bus just drove off.
    Goota watch out these days, kids is nuts.
  12. That was insane I could never doing something like that and feel cool
  13. Yea the two videos I saw actually said they were in NY.
  14. Damn, motherfuckers didn't have to take the food too!
  15. CCW would've stopped that shit. Scumbags can't work for shit anymore. There is NOTHING worse than a thief.
  16. That's fucked up.

    But I want some Chinese food now.
  17. damn well the ppl that got robbed gotta pay attention and be aware etc. better luck next time. you know the stoner in the group took the chinese food
  18. Wait till they meet up with Usain Bolt's kick ass brother.

    Chased a kid down for some candy which he snatched and ran with (i was selling). No way that could be my laptop getting away.
  19. Watching shit like that on you tube makes me wanna go out and kick the shit outta ppl.

    Maaaan what the fuck is wrong with ppl? No wonder aliens won't come to earth and show us cool shit!

    Fuck my life.. I wanted to smoke space weed.:(
  20. sounds like a bunch of broke ass fools

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