Just saw a guy get jacked badd

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    Seriously I'm at a loss for words right now ahahahahhaahha.

    Its really late, almost 4am and I was coming from the city beside mine (pickering, ON) Smoked two blunts on my ride home and I'm still pretty high as fuck, sorry if the story doesn't make sense. alright youve been warned.

    Stopped at a red light on my way home and it was the fucking LONGEST RED LIGHT EVER. This light happened to be in a pretty gang infested area, as luck would have it.. I was idled there for a good 3 1/2 minutes and there were like 5 guys standing on a side walk. From here they were behind my car and I was watching what was going on in my rear view. They didn't even care that I was so close it seemed like. Cause the guy just takes a really small gym bag off his shoulder and hand it to one guy standing across from him. the guy opens the bag and peeked in it. went in his sweatpants pockets and fished for something, as if he was gonna take out cash. then he fucking pulls out a small silver pistol. the guy selling the drugs fucking took off.

    the light turned green right when he ran across the street infront of my car :confused: and i just drove off. now i just kept driving, still high as fuck and trying to process what just happened. I saw that muhfucka get jacked :confused_2: Then 2 minutes after i took off 2 police cars came flying down the street with the lights on lol.

    this all happened so fast. i know im gonna get some "pics or gtfo" but truthfully my phone was dead. i have a shitty blackberry bold 9780 and their battery sucks, been using the phone all day from 10am-2am but it died at 2:30 and i witnessed this at 3:30. :mad:

    Really must suck gettin jacked like that. I'm thinking the guy who got jacked called the cops...but he was selling drugs. Guess he got himself arrested :confused:

    edit:: come to think of it, the dude pushing the weight looked a lot like U-Turn from Weeds lmao
  2. Thats crazy. I always see something weird or strange when I'm high. Every single time. It's ridiculous. lol
  3. Nice story man. I believe you, just one part coulda been described better but your highness messed it. So the guy that "bought" the drugs pulled the pistol out and jacked the guy, what was the other guys response? Did he put his hands up? Did it almost get violent?
    Thats a bit scary man, if a gun fight had broke out you coulda been hit!
    Glad ur safe tho.:hello:

  4. Yeah eh, I thought the guy was gonna shoot for sure but he didnt. The guy handing the goods over just stared at the dude and didnt make any attempt to fight.
    didnt really move for maybe 5 seconds, then walked backwards really fast, turned around then took off running then slowly turned into a sprint.
  5. Intense story, man. I'm glad you're okay at least. Must have been crazy to see when you were high!

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