Just saw 2 UFOs!!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Space, May 17, 2010.

  1. I was outside bongin, and what appeared to be 2 glowing birds appeared in the sky. At closer inspection, they weren't birds, but rather flying saucer thingys! They were flying pretty fast, at first side-by-side, then the two went in separate directions and flew off.

    It was pretty fucking weird! at first I was like :eek: then I was like :confused: then I was like :bolt:and went inside.

    Now I'm like :cool:
  2. I want what you're smoking:)
  3. Nah, nah nah.

    The bud isn't that great, and I had only just starting bongin.

    Maybe i inhaled too many fumed whilst making QWISO earlier :rolleyes::confused::eek:
  4. COOL STORY BRO. Those flying saucers are real in all seriousness though.
  5. awesome.. they goonna becomin in your basement soon enough
  6. *locks door*

    *begins crafting tinfoil hat*
  7. are you sure it wasnt a lightpole? ;)

    im sure some other blade will get this one
  8. WOW!! WHAT A COINCIDENCE! I was just telling my friend how dumb you are !!

    jokes...that 70s show reference....
  9. That explains everything..
  10. I kid you not when I say this. I saw the exact same two weeks ago. Me and my girl and friends were drivin to the beer store and I saw this "bird thing" quickly, it just startled me so I didnt say anything. Then after we left the store we lit up a joint and continued home, whilst smokin we were driving and I saw it again, this time more briefly and I got better lookat it.. It looked axactly like how OP described it.. wtf
  11. Get sum alien weed from them..
  12. Check out this awesome UFO video.

    It is seriously either some top secret government aircraft they are testing, or the real deal. The insane direction changes makes it seem like the real deal to me however.

    (the birds at the start of the video, he put in there to show you the difference in altitude)

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXLTgR4sqzU"]YouTube - April 13 2010 Fastwalkers UFO's Niagara Falls Ontario[/ame]
  13. Its Big brother man! Guess its time to start stockpiling weapons (if your cia and your reading this i was jk)
  14. You sir, are high.
  15. man i would be scared as fuck thinking im bout to get abducted. i have ufobia. o shit thats a word lol
  16. You shouldn't have posted this online. Now they know you saw them and are gonna have to come back and get you...
  17. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuc7sAcmzXY]YouTube - MADD - Too High To Drive ( The Talking Pirate)[/ame]
  18. Man one time i was high and I was riding in the back of my friends car and i saw the tail lights of a car up on the hill ahead of us and I saw the car take off and i was like :eek:.

    Then I realized i was looking at stoplights not tail lights.
  19. shit yall not, i seen three orange bright round spheres or discs in the sky last saturday night around chicago....the were flying together in a pattern.....no sound, not a shooting star....all possibilities i could think of ruled out...fucking crazy, and i have pics........cell phone tho
    flying west to east, and when they were close to the horizon, one took off and i lost it, the others i followed all the way to the edge of sight............

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