Just saved another animal.

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  1. So I'm driving back from the gym with my mom when she starts yelling. I look at the side of the road and see this tiny puppy, it looked like a Pitbull. We were on a major road just after an intersection, there was no way this puppy was going to make it so I pulled into the nearest side street and turned around even though my mom kept telling me just to keep going. I couldn't just keep going though, I would feel so bad if that dog got killed. I pulled over when we got back to the spot and jumped out of my car. This fat kid who was like maybe 8 or 9 was standing in the driveway bawling his eyes out. I told the kid to stay there and I ran down the road looking for the dog. Then my mom yelled that she found it so I ran back. It was across the street but I ran across and tried to pick it up. It tried to bite me and it ran in the road. Thankfully no cars were coming, I ran after it and scooped it up. The kid was thankful and I told him to take the dog inside.

    I'm so glad that dog didn't die.
  2. Man thats an awesome story, pitbull's are my favorite breed too. was the dog hit already? . I was driveing down the road once in the ghetto area around here and saw car's going around something. A fucking a live dog. People didnt even stop to see if it was alive/okay. well I checked on it and it was still breathing at least, took it to the pound and they fixed him up and even adopted him out.... But thats tight there needs to be more people like you that value life. :p
  3. hell yeah thats awesome, good for you
  4. Nah nobody hit the dog yet when I drove by it, that's what really surprised me. It was a major highway and the dog was so tiny. As soon as I saw that it was innocently running on the side of the road I jumped out of the car and sprinted my ass to go get it.

    It really breaks my heart how heartless people can be. There's some show called "What Would You Do?" or something like that and they show scenarios where people need help. One scenario showed a homeless person passed out in the middle of a crowded sidewalk. Nobody stopped to even look at the guy until another homeless lady walked by and pleaded someone to call for help. Nobody listened to her until minutes passed by and finally another lady called for help. To me it's common sense to help out any living being despite them being white, black, Arab, a dog, or even a frog in the road. I'm not one of those people who goes around bragging about my good deeds, it's just the way I am. I don't think twice about it.

    The next scenario they showed was a blond attractive female passing out and within 5 seconds everyone rushed to her side. People really disgust me. Help out anybody who needs it and stop caring so much about egos and being selfish.
  5. I think I know the show your talking bout they did one and there was a baby in a parked car on like an 100 degree day and like 30 people walked past it before anybody did anything......shits crazy.

  6. Aww he's adorable! Usually feral cats are mean, was he mean?

  7. At first he wouldnt come around until i left. I usually smoke ciggarettes outside because my girlfriend doesnt like them so he would come and watch me and when i saw him id put some food out and go inside and he would come over and eat it. But like i said one day he came over to me rubbed up againsrt me and then ate the food. And he is not mean he is the most affectionate cat ive ever known. And he hunts the bugs that get in my house because he used to having to hunt insects to live haha.
  8. That is an awesome story! This should have been the real sequel to Speed (not that shitty one with Bullock on a boat)
  9. Are you the turtle girl?!
  10. Haha why yes I am sir
  11. Since i saved a cat can we hook up now?


    Ill even plus rep you
  12. Hmmm...save three turtles, two cats, and four dogs and I'll consider it ;)

    Jk I don't do internet hook ups. Even though that plus rep thing is quite tempting...
  13. Oh thats fine we can just hook up at your place.

    I dont know how we would hook up through the internet. Wires and shit. Idk.

    Anways just hit me with your deets.

  14. Nice! but how bad would u have felt if, when the dog ran into the street if he woulda got hit by a car?

  15. Titties and turtles :hello::wave::wave::eek:;)
  16. good on you OP:love: there need to be more people like you out there helping animals in need. animals are awesome, and tbh I view them as being better than most people out there. if I ever see an animal in trouble I'll do whatever it takes to catch its ass and help it. even if they try to run away and get scared, I believe they'll know and be grateful for you helping them.
  17. Save thr pitbulls!
  18. i love you. thank you for caring :]
  19. Im torn here.

    This thread is great, cause you saved a puppy... I mean, thats just awesome, i love dogs.

    But there is no cleavage picture to prove it.
  20. Hahaha omg I was thinking of that when I made this thread, I was like "Fuck, this dog is about to run in the road but I NEED a picture of it happening, preferably a picture where my cleavage was hanging out. Mom, grab my phone really quick and get a picture of me bending down to pick up the dog."

    Next time I rescue an animal I'll make sure to have a cleavage shirt on :rolleyes:

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