Just saved a little doggy

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  1. So I'm out in the desert in Arizona right now, and theres a lot of bike trails and stuff. So I was on a bike ride and I come around a turn and see a cloud of dust. A coyote got something by the neck and was swinging it around really violently, and I didn't know what it was. I thought it was a rabbit. But I stopped my bike because this was about 20 feet away from me, and the coyote looks up at me and drops a little chihuahu-looking dog on the ground and then takes off. And the little doggy took off too, but there were some houses nearby so I'm assuming it came from one of the backyards. But I'm pretty happy to say that I saved the little dog's life, because if I hadn't scared the coyote off, the coyote would have killed it. I hope the little dog is doing OK though, it was getting thrown around pretty violently, but at least its alive. :):hello:
  2. haha wow good job on saving the dog man
  3. Bowl to you, my good sir.
  4. Thanks man :smoking:
  5. (Takes bong hit for SDStoopid) I just took a bong hit for SDStoopid.
  6. That sounds like a funny sight.....
    Good for you though! Can someone say good karma?
  7. good karma
  8. you deserve a free blunt
  9. good citizen!
  10. :hello::hello::hello: I love dogs. You did a solid. You should teach Michael Vick!
  11. ^ Michael Vicks whole ordeal wasn't a BFD. Wish people would get over that.
  12. Think of the poor hungry coyote. :(:(

  13. you're right, financing dog fights is something i do on the daily- no big! :rolleyes:
    people like you need to realize that those dogs had no choice in fighting to the death.
    thats fucked up and anyone who doesn't realize it is probably on the same path

    good job for saving the innocent dog. :hello:
    the food chain is a part of nature, but the little guy was probably someones pet!
  14. Hahhaha this is funny because I almost killed some stupid little dog today haha!!

    I was rollerblading and I slide over the top of the ledge when I grinded and i was going so fast i slammed the ground and like inches from my foot was a stupid lil pup LOL!

    Good thing i didn't smash it... but if I did, I wouldn't have cared anyways the stupid lady was jus like standing RIGHT beside the ledge just asking to get hhit.
  15. this next bowl im about to smoke goes out to the little doggy savior.
  16. Just wait to see what karma has in store for you :).

  17. How do you think that dogs raised to fight are any different from parents that raise their kids to be professional fighters, boxers, or even football players. It's not the entire population of dogs, it's a certain amount. Just like how some humans are raised for their sports.
  18. hell f**king yeah.
    the dog gets fed and doesn't need to share it
    the coyote has to find food himself and share it with her kids.

    but then again it was a dog that belonged to someone, and if it died someone would be sad. if it was a rabbit or some other wild animal, leave it alone.
  19. Training dogs to fight consists of teaching that violence is the only available response to fear through abuse. While training humans to be good fighters, boxers, etc. usually involves consent and more humane practices.
  20. Wait so you just left the dog...?So do you know that it bidnt bleet to death or something?:confused:

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