just rolled up a dutchie oowop

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by drewzilla, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. i need to go to grad school and get my phd in herbology

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    ahhaah me to im about to go to school and be a bluntologist
    how much did that weigh out to......
    by the way very very nice blunt
    keep toking
  3. Too bad the only school that offers that course is stone-ington unversity and it is very hard to get into. Nice blunt.
  4. I must say I like that ashtray
  5. Can I make it official?

    Drew is the blunt king.

    Props again man.

  6. that ashtray can also be used as a weapon....that weights a good 2 pounds lol
  7. Agreed
    Hes rolls some nice shit
  8. nice blunt mang. where im from we refer to those as treewops :smoking::smoking::smoking:

  9. That's a nazi ashtray
  10. no! yuke im going to throw it away hah
  11. I'm liking that ash tray. Where'd you get it?
  12. It's just a standard cigar ashtray, can find them at any cigar shop or online.

    Freaking awesome blunt btw!
  13. Nice job once again bro. Really digging the long and skinny shit looks a lot like my rolls.

  14. haha man surprised i didnt see you here before today
  15. Hah i know, just saw you bout a week ago. I never really post here but lately i've been chillin at home a bit more and found a way to smoke out of my room. You got aim bro? gotta talk to you about a bong i'm trying to get. aim = aoxd

  16. most def go with the straight single
  17. how did it burn? id like to see some pics of that.

    just saw your half o' L as well. nice job!
  18. looks beautiful, but could use a bit more bud in it

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