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Just rolled my personal:)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stickyicky1014, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. So i had a good weekend but it was stressful at points, so what better than to light up my own L of dank to the face:) im so excited, im going to take a shower than spark this blunt and go on a ride:hippie: So post good thoughts and what your doing tonight:)
  2. straight up brah:smoking:
  3. yeeup, what better way to end the weekend. sounds like a good idea....too bad I'm in college and have an essay to write tonight....but good thoughts, good thoughts.

    good = i got super high this weekend two days in a row. I was in another world :)
  4. Congrats bro glad to see you have control of your life, and not letting the herb hold you back. Study then TOKE:)
  5. I'm gonna study for my Philosophy exam. I want to smoke a j before going into class once just to see what it's like or if I understand it differently but I go to a Catholic College (blegh) so MJ is discouraged like no other haha.
  6. Get some pics up of it.
  7. niiice... i'm about to load a bowl and write three papers tonight... yep. three.

    maybe i'll go grab a coffee too. ouch.
  8. sendin' good vibes ur way brah,
    I haven't smoked a personal L in a while.
  9. I just smoked a fat bowl of mids and got through pleaseing the wife. So Im on cloud 9 searching for ideas for a plastic model car Im building.
  10. this thread inspired me so i rolled a one pape and headed outside after some hwrk and now im blitzed :) sundays are soo chillll

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