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Just rolled my first joint

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chillumss, Oct 18, 2010.

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    I'm quite proud of it. I smoke about 3 times a week, and usually go with glass. Either that, or one of my friends does the rolling. I'm 18 btw, and started smoking in June. Not the best, but i'm happy that it's not falling apart for my first time.
    How is it? I put in a roach too. I can put up more pics if you would like. Critiques? can't wait to smoke it!
  2. looks okay.

    should smoke just fine. however i suggest fixing your post so nobody has to click on the link to see a picture?
  3. looks exactly like my first! what you using, elements?
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    i would, but the pic is huge haha
    edit: fixed
  5. Congratulations, looks good. :yay:
  6. looks pretty good for a first timer, the only thing that looks iffy about it is that its sorta loose.

  7. they are zig zags

  8. yeah, it's a little loose, it's probably gonna burn kinda fast so im a little pissed about that. but it's not too loose, has some stability

  9. if you a cigarette smoker you can roll a spliff and it'll take care of the looseness
  10. lol :p i was SO fucking proud of my first joint, looked ugly tho. but proshit man
  11. Not to bad for your first joint, looked alot like mine did. just keep practicing and it will get better and easier.:smoke:

  12. thanks man haha. i had to do this with my parents below me, and my sister coming in to use my printer. so i was a little on edge lol. im proud of it haha, only thing better would be smoking it.

  13. thanks bro
  14. Good job on your first one. Rollled my first time too last night, though its a blunt, I'm proud of the lil guy. I'll call him bluntito.


  15. may have well rolled a joint lol.

    i only roll blunts with a 1.5g Minimum
  16. It looks smokeable (which is more than a lot of people can say about thier first joints) so well done. It does look a little loose. Next time you roll one, when you've put your bud in and you're doing the rolling back and forth it between your fingers bit, do that for longer and press a little harder (did that make sense?). The longer/harder you do it, the tighter your joint will be. It looks a bit lumpy too, but that'll get better with practice.
  17. if it's loose just pop it in the microwave for about 5 seconds. should shrink it right up:smoke:
  18. Does that really work? :confused:
  19. Not a bad first jay, CuDi. Looks a hell of a lot better than my first:p

    If I may share some tips:

    1.) Don't be afraid to use two papers to make it easier to roll. One, you won't be spilling out product as much, and two, you have more room to tighten up your joint.

    2.) Pack and shake. After you roll and seal, use a small cylindrical item (pens, poker tops, make-up accessories) to tamp the loose ganja down, then keep adding a little at a time. It'll beef your spliff up and help it burn evenly. Also, grip the top of your jay, and shake it a little bit like a sugar packet so you get all the loose bits down to the roach.

    3.) I personally prefer rolling my joints in a conical shape. It helps you pack it a little easier, the burn is a little more even (in my experience), and you're basically rolling like they would in Europe:cool:

    By the way, thinner papers help beginners out loads. One of my favorites for that purpose are Chris Hill papers.
  20. If you need to tighten it up use a credit card.

    Roll so you've evened out and compacted the weed then hold the edge of a credit card against the paper and the weed then simply roll it up against the paper so it's real tight.

    I can add photos if this doesn't make sense.

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