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Just rolled my first blunt...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stygmah, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. So yeah, used a Colts Old Port flavoured cigar... put in about .75g, and I'm gunna go blaze it at my friends house after dinner. What should I expect peoples?
  2. a .75g blunt? i roll waaaay fatter joints my friend.

    expect to get kinda high, which should not to be confused with blazed.
  3. You should post a pic of your first blunt.
  4. I'm not a huuuge smoker, like for example I usually spin my joints 1/2 tobacco so they last and I don't get overly ripped.

    Shits kinda embarassing though :p, I'll take a pic before we burn it and have a think.
  5. if he rolled a .75 then its either a nice tight small blunt or a huge sloppy hunk of shit. since hes knew ill go with 2nd option.

    you will get REALLY baked though.

    i dunno about docleary, but when i was starting out, small amounts of weed would put me down on my ass.

    a beginner hitting 0.35grams in a blunt = REAAAAAALY BAKED
  6. i wish he put pics up it shuld be like almost a rule like u gotta have but sweet and expect to cough and get stoned/
  7. small amounts of weed would put me down on my ass right now, i haven't smoked in awhile.

    and when i first starting smoking, i wouldn't stop a sesh until i was fucking STONED because i was a dumbass and smoked until i felt something, which by that time was already too late. i don't think this guy is just starting out though, thats just the vibe i'm gettin from him.

  8. It's about the size of a cig, but a bit thicker; and one end is a bit sloppy.

    I'm not really new to it, just don't smoke a lot. Like I'll get a 1/8 smoke it in a week just every now and then... then i'll have a few weeks without some, then get on again.
  9. newb haha you shall learn from experience young grasshopper

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