Just ripped off my toe-nail.

Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Ouch.

    Just got back from a long ass 15 hour shift on two jobs, today. Tired as fuck. I took off my shoes and socks, showered and walked into the living room to sit down and relax. As I was walking, I kicked the hardwood leg of our coffee table.

    Now the the toe, right next to my little toe has its nail missing. Completely tore it off. Oddly enough, it didn't bleed too much.

    But, I do have 3 Samuel Adams' Octoberfests and some nice dank to cheer me up. I'm really not even feeling the pain right now. Just bandaged it and chilling. (I know I said I quit drinking, but I really have had only one beer since then. I think I can drink 3 and be pretty messed up now with a bowl full of dank. :))

    I've been on a tolerance break for little over a week (because everyone in town was dry), so I'm bound to get fucked up tonight.

    How's everyone else?
  2. i feel like shit, the home phone just died in the middle of a phone call with my girl (soon to be fiancee i hope)

    and i slept a total of about 5 hours since shes left...

    and the last blunt i bought was stale, and fucking exploded into my carpet...

    my allergies got horrible today too

    today/tonight has/will suck ass
  3. Dude 3 gets you messed? I was born with the tolerancy to beer like a fucking irish alcoholic. I'd kill 4 beers at 14 and feel completly coherant. Not one of those LAWL IM NOT EVN DRUNK OFF 9 JEELO SHOT kind of thing, like honestly it takes like 5 to get me drunk still.
  4. Well, I just hit my new Bubbler that I picked up Blaze_it_Up420 at my headshop. Man, after a week and half of no ganj (Never a multi-time-a-day smoker, anyway), I was coughing like a bitch. I could only finish half of the bowl. :(

    I get virgin lungs so damn quick.

    High and can't even feel my toes. Who need toe-nails anyway?
  5. Heinous!

    Man I'm feeling great tonight!

    Some Ritalin, some Valium, and some Norco's, and of course... some Weed!

    Lots of bong hits, gonna smoke a blunt in a little bit... and im feelin gooooood.

  6. Dude, my parents are from Ireland. I probably lived a good 2 years in Ireland going to Catholic school. Blackrock county, deep southern Irish. Believe me, I can drink. I just choose not too.

    At first, getting drunk was fun. But, after smoking the ganja and learning some things about my family's past and abusiveness, I didn't want to go down that road. Alcohol all lead them there.

    Not me. :)

    BUT, last month, I quit drinking. Before that I was drinking 15 beers a day (not a lot for some of you.) of cheap beer, everyday for 6 months. It was starting to show..., and one stoned night, I realized I had to stop and enjoy only a slight buzz of a few beers here and there. :)
  7. That sucks man.

    But im aight. Chillin off a 40 and some resin. I got like 2 bowls of herb left which ima try n save for tommrow but no promises haha.

    Got a call from my homie today, Told me he had some lower mids-shake combined. He got a killer deal $100 QP which is killer deal for the quality.

    Told me hed flip a oz for $50.

    I told him im trying to quit jus because i cant afford it i got better shit to spend my money on.

    Called him like 3-4 hours later and tryed to do a trade for a amp for a oz but he said he couldnt slang the amp.

    Then i offered $30 for a half and he said he was smokin a blunt and hed call me back.

    Never did.

    I got pissed and left him a nice message.

    Havent herd from him.

    Ive known dude for many years. I INTRODUCED HIM TO THE GAME.

    That means something.

    So oh well.

    Jus trying to relax at night and on my grind all day long till night time again.

    Makin thangs happen.
  8. Sorry to be off subject. But, I'm seriously baked. Man...

    Amazing what some self-discipline can do. :)
  9. Don't worry man... every friend thats fucked me over was someone I started... tried to teach them, but damn... not many good people now adays.
  10. Ouch I know how that feels. Happened to me, got yanked right off by a thick door
  11. Everythings' chill here bro, got some brews in the fridge for friday night, roundin up those females, got great movies and new games, copasteady here.

    I just have a SHITLOAD of schoolwork that needs to be done, ugh.
  12. Its happened before. I was senior in High School. I was playing basketball shoe-less (retarded idea, I know.) and there was a guy wearing boots, he jumped and landed on the big-toe of my right foot. And he took off again, taking the nail with him.

    I left a trail of blood everywhere in the gym. Funny as hell. Got me out of work for the day after school. :hello::smoke:

    Took forever to grow back though. And it was so sensitive showers would be agony for the first months before the nerves weren't virgin. :(
  13. What's up, buddy

    Long story short - my college requires students to do three separate internships over the course of your four years there. I just finished my third day at the office. It's a radical political foundation that gives grants to grassroots organizations. So I'm wiped from that...waiting for a call any second from my guy who's got a slice of headies waiting for me.


    In fact, the second I finished that sentence, he called me and I've got a fat sack of Silver Haze in my pocket. David Ortiz hit a two-run walk-off homer to win it. Nice.
  14. That shit happened to me dude, no lie SAME TOE! Except I kicked a futon lol

    Hope your toe feels better! :D I broke my toe when I smashed it though, so just be careful walking on it
  15. Dude, that sucks Heinous. I never lost a toenail but I lost a fingernail once. I hit it with a stamp too hard and it fell off like two weeks later.

    I hope you enjoyed that dank. I took a much longer nap than I had intended and I lost my chance of getting any today. Things picked up a little here, financially.
  16. Heinous, pics?
  17. dude i lost four all at once when a hydraulic car lift at midas crushed my left foot.

    Yes, that hurt.

    All toe nails grew back fine, and no broken bones. got some good pills....

    Really really crazy story man. that shit hurt bad once i got to the hospital. that lady was practically scrubbing my toenail less foot with gauze...OUCH!
  18. Holy shit dude, that fucking sucks!! How did you not break anything? I broke my toe on a futon, broke my ass snowboarding, and broke my pinky finger on a door... perhaps I just have weak bones lol I would have been furious if I were you
  19. eh, i dunno im a very peaceful person. i mean, it was my fault anyhow, my foot was just sitting there underneath it ( i was so stoned, and so happy that i had some badass food that i just kinda spaced out, lol ) i was just glad that none of my toes broke, so i decided to just took some pills and shruged it off :) To this day i get pretty good discounts at the midas here in town hehehehe
  20. I would sure as hell hope so :p Oh the things we do under the influence :smoke:

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