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Just Ripped, Class Time.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CollegeBlaze, May 2, 2011.

  1. I'd type a big thing, but I gotta go to class. Plus I'm too baked.

    Anyone else?
  2. I get stoned before I go to class. However, it's not an excuse for me to not do work.

    I always pay attention, participate, and take great notes. Gotta be sure to keep that GPA up, man. There's a reason you're paying thousands of dollars to attend a school.

    Though your post was short, at least your grammar was good. I don't know you but I feel like you're an astute person, and a good example of how misconceptions surround cannabis. Or at least I hope so!
  3. I have class at 10:30 and just got back from what? tokin' up. So I am right here with you man
  4. yeah yeah yeah

  5. The only time I can smoke before class is when the professor is showing a film. I get engrossed in that shit no matter what it is. Otherwise, my thoughts wonder and I just look around the room...."She's so hot."...."look at that retard"...."I bet he's gay"....etc.
  6. Ya normally id be doing the same thing but i got expelled a month before i graduated, so now im smoking a bleezy to my face trying to forget about
  7. Oh, it's this thread again...
  8. high school i smoked all the time but since i'm spending thousands for college, i dont wanna fuck around.
  9. I always get baked before American History, I find when I'm stoned my attention to detail skyrockets.

    Happy to be on the GC forums.
  10. I'd rather just bake after class.
  11. Damn dude I was 1 day away from getting expelled on my last month of school after failing my drug test.

    Luckily I used fake piss and passed the next test and I'm happily enjoying school
  12. I prefer smoke after class.
  13. Cool story, bro?
  14. i got stoned before class today, and i went to the room and there was a paper on the door that said class is cancelled, win :)
  15. i used to get stoned before going to class back in the day, now our classes are in the hospital and we have to see patients so can't go high anymore...but defo had some great times in class tripping balls.

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