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  1. i last did some growing a long while ago, 2006. i used to be a member of overgrow.com. obviuously they are gone sadly.

    Cannabisworld.com and Overgrow.com Seized By Police
    by Marc Emery (03 Feb, 2006) Overgrow.com, Cannabisworld.com, Heaven's Stairway Seed Company, and Eurohemp.com Shut Down and Servers Seized by Canadian Police

    When the world's largest websites for cannabis growers and enthusiasts disappeared from the web on Monday, January 30, it was thought to be a server problem.

    As the week dragged on, tens of thousands of members, seed company sponsors, growers and fans worried there might be more than mere 'server' problems as Richard Calrisian (a pseudonym) had not made any statements in any web based media about any 'technical' problems.

    Now it appears Heaven's Stairway Seeds (hempqc.com), Cannabisworld.com, Overgrow.com, Eurohemp.com have been shut down and the owners arrested in Canada; all their web properties seized, including the physical servers that held massive databases on thousands of growers, and tens of thousands of photographs of cannabis plants. Seed companies by the dozens used both Overgrow.com and Cannabisworld.com as a main trading ground. Over 40 seed companies had customer service interactive forums on these sites.

    All the information held on those servers is now in the hands of police. It is not known what charges have been laid nor against whom. That police have not boasted about this seizure means the investigation is continuing, before any affected parties can react.

    Cannabis Culture began receiving emails on Wednesday saying Richard Calrisian and his wife had been arrested along with four employees, but this could not be corroborated.

    On the website www.icmag.com, seed merchant Gypsy Nirvana, operating from England where cannabis seeds are legal, posted this news late Friday:

    “It is with great sadness that I bring you the news that RC and HS, OG and CW have been taken down by the authorities in Canada.....

    ...I have it from a bonofide source that it happened on monday and RC's computers/servers have most probably been siezed, they spent 2 days going thru his house and removed alot of stuff ...

    His wife and some members of his family were also taken into custody and it's possible that she may be released tommorrow on bail... There has not been a peep in the media about this so there could be a reason why it was not advertised by LEO......BE WARNED! not to try and log on to Overgrow or Cannaworld for now since most certainly the security of that site has been compromised and if it comes back up without me first hearing from RC then it is NOT being run by him.....think about it!

    ...This could bring up some real security issues with many Overgrow/Cannabisworld members.........be warned guys and do what you need to do to make it safer for all of you.......duck and cover if needs be....

    ....Yours Faithfully...

    What is grasscity's position. are you in a country where you "could" be taken out? i dont like the idea anymore on helping and posting on a site which could be busted and any info passed on. thanks
  2. GC is in the Netherlands. The owner of GC - superjoint - has lawyers which advise him on what he can/cannot have here... So you can rest assured that the servers are secure.

    HOWEVER - As with any message board, you want to exercise caution if you are going to be active in the grow forums. Use a proxy, don't post your picture or other things that would easily identify you, etc... Basically, be smart in what you post.

    But to answer your question no... The DEA isn't going to be busting down superjoints doors and steal his servers/files/etc. GC is safe from that... But that doesn't eliminate your need to be responsible, and careful in what you put up on a public forum.
  3. How do you do the "proxy" thing to not get detected? Does anyone have a good link or explanation for computer noob like me? Thanks.
  4. I'm not exactly sure on how to set up a proxy. I don't grow, so I really don't have a need for one. You can try running a search for "proxy". I'm sure you're not the first one here to ask how it's done :D

  5. Ok thanks man I'll do that.

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