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just resined out the pipe.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mememantis, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. just resined out my glass pipe since i was out of weed. feelin good but im having some chest pains. i did just gulp alot of coke and some water though haha. anyways im feelin good and i was wondering who else resins out their pipe when their dry. its only been 2 days without weed but i thought hey a nice head high will help. also my head is slowly leaning to the right and i dont know why
  2. Cleaned mine and my friend's pieces a few days ago because we all ran out. Needless to say, we were ripped all day.
  3. noiiiiice last week i scraped for resin like 10 seperate times and probably smoked like 20-30 bowls of resin. hadnt scraped it since i got it and i probably smoked like an o out of that little thang before scrapin
  4. THIS just made my day
  5. lol i had an intense head high for 25 minutes then a good hour of a mellow high. with the head high i watched youtube poop: hank of the hill and john deadcorn. needless to say i laughed for ever lol
  6. I'm gonna PM you my story, you'll see why lol
  7. lol yea just scraped my bowl an hour ago!! and i'm feelin good right now! :smoking:
  8. Resin is a Man's best friend when he's dry.
  9. I find the high a bit dirty. Haven't scraped a pipe for years.Although for science sake i cleaned my MFLB stem and smoked the rez. Did ok for about 45 mins and I cleaned myself up with some Kush and hash later.
  10. I will resin them if it is dry as shit. I like to let it build up quite a bit before I do it though. That way the ball is huge. The best thing about glass is small bits of bud fall through the bowl hole and stick to the resin in there, that makes the resin you get back out pretty good and it also give a decent high, considering. So short answer I do it as well ;) JOE>
  11. lol ya joe i had atleast .1 in the pipe that i used a pipe cleaner to get out(the fuzzy tube things) and had a good high but next time im going to let it build up more because it wasnt that much
  12. The awesome thing about resin is that it's made up of all the different kinds of weed you smoked in the piece. So, when I'm dry and smoking resin, it's like a burnt weed salad, almost.
  13. whenever i smoke resin and stand up i swear my whole body feels like it's pulling to the right. It's really weird.
  14. Im letting resin build up till I can't smoke out of my pipe:eek: ......... :bongin:
  15. lol nine ima do that from now on plus i will list some strains i remember from the pipe.
    OG Kush
    Purple and Orange Kush
    Afghan Kush
    Norwegian Bomb(buddys grow)
    White Widow X Blue Dream
    and some 120x salvia
    so ya haha but most of the strains listed were only a bowl or 2, ima joint man
  16. I have glass bowl wcreens on my bowl. No pull through-> a lot of fucking resin.
  17. haha i wish i had a screen but one wnt fit in my pipe, ill take a pic of my pipe later in the week

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