Just received my beans from Attitude

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by boridemass3, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone thanks for this site its very informational .i just ordered some beans , first order ive made. i was sceptical about it but hey i ordered it on may 29th and i received it today so that was super fastttt .I ordered some nirvana big bud and also some g13 fem diesel and i got some free seeds, g13 quicksilver and a ww fem also i have a 400 w hps for flowering havent gotten my lights for veg yet .A quick question.Im not lookng for a tall grow just about 3 feet at max on flowering .My question is how many watts do i need to veg i was looking at some t5's with about 150 watts or something similar to that wattage looking to spend like 100 topps on light also im planning some dwc buckets. my second try at this first was a few yrs back id it under my fish tank in a scrog with bagseed came out ok learned a lot from that tiny grow . thanks all for the advice in advance ok
  2. nice man, glad to hear you got ur seeds. lemme know how that big bud comes out :D
  3. yeah i was suprised at the time it took to get here , yeah im actually looking foward to the big bud to see what it comes , stil got to work on the veg chamber , so probably like im 3 weeks ill be ready for the grow :D
    has anyone ever had good ields with big bud does it grow big ?
  4. it all depends on the size of yer container and how well u grow it, but as far as i know, they dont call it big bud 4 nuttin. peace

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