Just realized a thing about farts

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    Whenever someones farts and you can smell it you're actually tasting their shit, right? I mean, our nose is connected to our mouth and gas is a form of matter, so remember that the next time you smell a fart you're actually "ingesting" fecal particles, and if you smell a fart and swallow the air (lol) you're "eating" fecal particles from the one who farted.'

    That shit goes in you're mouth, you're tasting shit bro
  2. just a reminder :D
  3. actually we only have 5 taste receptors but over 1000 smell receptors, most of what you taste is actually smell
  4. Its nasty to think about my dog is always letting out juicy farts
  5. I thought sticking your tongue up your partner's asshole was the latest fad?

    And breathing fart air bothers you? I don't get it.

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