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Just realised

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stylez, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. It would be SUPER trippy to go to an amusement park with big ass roller costers, while fuckin STONED OFF YOUR MIND. that or on shrooms, I dont do shrooms but man I bet you'd be done for all day, so that'd be better than weed for this kinda thing. Tho you might ahve a really bad trip. Cant imagine goin on a roller coaster or the ferris wheel even when im
  2. Haha...I used to work at HersheyPark...ever heard of it Stylez? Probably... anyway, I used to smoke on the monorail there while I was operating it, b/c no one on the monorail could see me in the cockpit and I was by myself :D
    Plus I used to take a stealth pipe and smoke on the Great Bear (it's an overhead rollercoaster with loops and stuff) it's great! and smoking on the Ferris Wheel is cool too :D

    I used to smoke there all the time when I worked there
  3. haha yep, hershey park is great, used to go there, I probably saw you smokin n never even realized
    Man that'd be a great job, specially if you could just chill n smoke
  4. It was really cool, but the pay sucked :p
  5. WOAH! shroomin on a roller coaster!!!!!!!!!!!! what a friggin nuTz idea! just imagine... woah.... the trails would overload the brain. wow... i'm gonna try it sometime...

    I smoked a J on Waltzers once. that was pretty fucked up. esspecially since it was hash and there were bombers everywhere.
  6. stoned in a rollercoaster is idd really qewl :D
    Me and my m8's do that alot in summer time.
  7. ya, i have nevr thought about that. another fun thing to do when stoned is swim! its so fun!!
  8. Yeah, I've thought about this too! I live about 90 mins from Six Flags new england and this summer we'll probably toke on the way up there so we're blazed while in the park. Good shit -- it should be awesome!
  9. i wouldn't wanna risk a bad trip on a rollercoaster unless you have nerves of steel, hehe
    other than that pot enhances most experiences so why not a rollercoaster ;)
  10. six flags over st. louis, they have a humongous ferris wheel and always leave you at the top for a few minutes, great view and place to take a few hits.

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