Just re-started D2

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by IFarmSuperWeed, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, I just re-started Diablo 2 and I was wondering if anyone wants to join me ( no homo ) it sucks playing alone and no ones joining my game
  2. Just /f add IFarmSuperWeed
  3. i will later tonight.
  4. Re re started, anyone wants to join me?

    Softcore Europe
  5. Tha_ruckus/639100 (could have 123 on the end). Then tha_ruckus2 and 3 same passwords. First come first serve. If thats not right try da_ruckus with the same passwords. Enjoy!
  6. Forgot to mention the accounts are on us west server pretty sure. But someone have fun with my old characters.
  7. Yup, your accounts are already expired

  8. they shouldnt be. If it says characters expired. Just click on em and it should make them sweet again.
  9. No it says you haven't logged on for 90 days so the account has been suspended
  10. Start playing on Single Player. We can play together via LAN/TCP-IP, but you need Hamachi.
  11. I'm not home right now, I will do this later
  12. What class are you? I LOVE D2. I bought D3, need a new video card, so I STILL haven't played it. I like the Druid and the Barbarian. Beat the game on normal with both of those, and a necromancer, and I beat the non expansion with a paladin.
  13. I just might hop back on there soon now, love that game.
  14. I got a sorcerer lvl 15 or 16 at the moment. I Don't have much time to play since I started but I try. I also got D3 but I prefer D2. You may not need a video card just try it, my pc only has the intel HD 2000 video card and D3 runs smooth.

    If you decide to play online let me know.
  15. I'll probably end up playing soon if anyone wants to play with me...
  16. I have a legit fully geared Pally level 88, a Barb level 44, and a level 40 Sorc. I play with my girl, so if you put some time in, we'll all play.
  17. Playing now

    Softcore Europe ladder

  18. Done with d2 for today
  19. I'm playing now if anyone wants to join me

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