Just ran my lights for 24 hours....on flowering stage

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by roger_thatXx, May 7, 2016.

  1. i just started the plants on the 12/12 light cycle about a week and a half ago. The lights are on a timer so I didn't pay any attention to them. But I went in today to see that they never turned off and the room was at 97 degrees. I shut the lights off and planned on leaving them off for the next 24 hours. Is this the right thing to do? And what are the chances this crop is ruined?
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  2. Ur doing what I would do. They should be just fine. I've had similar issues in the past and no big deal.
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  3. From what I've learned as long as they get enough dark (12ish im guessing) you can actually so 12/24/12

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  4. Just keep on with your normal cycle. 1 oops shouldnt matter. Less oops the better man. With timers i always check around the time on off if im around to make sure it hadnt failed. Especially since i have the same 1 that came with my first tent package ever. Still working!

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  5. Yep. Thats wat id do too. All theses graet minds think alike lol xx
  6. is there a reason why the timer didnt do its job, i have trouble using a timer, it blows everytime, i plug it into the extension cord and withen a week they have all blew
  7. You can't count on the cheap timers that are available at your average box store to work every time. When I first started, I tried every brand and type I could get my hands on and absolutely nothing would work consistently. And with growing this stuff in the flower stage, that little box can ruin your world. I finally got my husband to build me a timer out of a timeclock. I had to buy the timeclock from the electrical supply house and I think it cost me about $40 or so. But since he made that timer for me, I've never had the lights fail to come on or go off. That, my friend, is a peaceful feeling!! I know they sell timers at the grow houses specifically designed for what we do...but I've also seen the same old thing I bought sold at the grow houses too. My advice would be to either build your own, have someone else build it for you or buy one of the ones that are designed just for what we do. It's a total letdown to realize that the thing didn't work and you may have screwed up your light cycle. However, good news, I had that happen on more than one occasion without any negative affects from it. As long as it's only a day or so, that's not enough time to throw the plant into "seed" mode. But, you've got to have one that works every time so whatever you've got to do to procure that ever so important piece of equipment, get on with it. It's a must. LOL TWW
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  8. ive tried most kind of timers going including the ones in the grow shop. i think ill give the homemade one a try, only problem is i live in northern ireland and if police seen a thing with wires and a clock attached to it, well it would be funny i guess
  9. Never had a problem with mechanical timer. Aren't I lucky. Granted I've never came close to pulling 15 amps through one.
  10. Electronic plug in ones are cushty them I had problems with shit cheap ones fuk ya crop up

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