just put under 600w in tent, is everything ok

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  1. Hi iv just put my plants in tent under a 600w ballast sun glow, water ph is 6.5 with no feed on an 18/6 my only concern iz the temp is reading 88 will it be ok

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  2. Will post better pics when I can :)
  3. when they are small they dont do as well in high temps like that. may want to get it down atleast to 80-85
  4. Plus just remembered one of the plants leaves are looking as if there turning yellow, how conw
  5. have you givien them any nutes?
  6. I havnt no, they been in loan based soil n perlite in fibre pots for two week now and potted into those big ones and still I havnt put nutes in
  7. i would give them 1/4 strength nutes
  8. Ok will do :) cheers pinkbear
  9. Should i do it every time I water
  10. If they are turning yellow and they are indeed two weeks old in the pics above, you have probably heat stressed them. I did the same to several of my seedlings, and sadly, they did not recover. I hope you have better luck.
  11. Awww nooo I hope not because I'm really looking forward to succeeding in this, thank you for your input and I will definitely try and get the heat sorted :), I have given them quarter feed n fingers crossed will show good signs in morning
  12. I hope not as well, its disheartening to have to start anew, but one of my seedlings did stand the heat and is thriving. Hopefully yours will be just as hardy.
  13. I have faith in my girls, will defo be adding pics to keep updating and looking for advice,
  14. Just gon n checked on em they were fed last night and looking much better today and got heat down to 80 :)

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