Just purchased the S&B Mighty

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  1. So the wife did the "shopping" , grabbed it with just about every accessory there was.
    The stand. The extra care kit. Spare parts. The extra capsules.
    I think that the only thing we left out is the uh...glass mouth piece thing?

    For a long time, I've been an advocate of ARIZER, and will still forever recommend them for their quality vapourisers - both home models, and portables.
    They are amazing, and that's all there is to say about them...pure quality and excellent customer service if you're shopping direct.
    If you want something not as expensive as a Storz & Bickel unit, get one of these.

    I always thought about getting the Volcano, and had wondered about one of these.
    However, they are expensive. Bit of an investment.
    I tried the MIGHTY at a friends place a couple of months ago...now while as I said I've always suggested ARIZER products to people, in terms of the portable units? The Solo 2, does not compare very favourably to the Mighty. The mighty is lighter, and with the capsule design the air moves around your herb in a much faster and easier way, and the vape quality, while comparable is maybe a little better too.
    When you use this...it feels, smells and tastes like the best quality you're going to be able to get.
    It just does. I was amazed and I knew immediately I wanted one.

    In this last month...we've had a hell of a move...it's been stressful and expensive and I just had this moment of clarity (or insanity) where I said to myself...fucking hell...I'm going to do something out of all this bullshit to make me happy, to make us happy.
    Decision made.
    Mighty Purchased.

    Now I just have to wait for it to arrive.

    Wanted to share.
  2. Good choice of vape. The Mighty is better than Arizer because it's also convection and has faster extraction and better vapor quality. The Arizer has a place but it's for long sessions. You should look into a bong and a water pipe adapter from puffitup.
  3. My life without my Mighty would be sad :(

    Congratulations on the purchase!
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  4. Never tried the mighty but I'm a huge fan of Da Buddha desktop vaporizer.
  5. Never tried it but heard lots of good things about it. Cheers!
  6. nice!

    I have been using my Mighty heavily for about a year and a half now— love it.

    my main tip / caution is to CLEAN IT REGULARLY.
    like, probably more than you would think; unless you use it pretty infrequently.
    staying ahead of the cleaning schedule keeps it so much easier to maintain.

    I also suggest you check out all of The Vape Critic’s videos on YouTube covering the Mighty.

    happy vaping :)
  7. Check out fuck combustion forum

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