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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by tkgizzle91, May 20, 2013.

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    Well I have sum random bagseeds that jus popped today I want to make clones so at the end of the growing season I wont to have ten pounds need guidance C360_2013-05-20-11-05-11-928.jpg C360_2013-05-20-11-05-19-580.jpg C360_2013-05-20-11-05-04-326.jpg
  2. hahah ten pounds is a bit unrealistic, youll need at least 30 plants to get that , and another 30 on top of that due to male and female ratio.
    also depending on your loaction bagseed might not finish
  3. "I want 10 pounds"
  4. Well of dats what's need to b done then ok I am going to make a plot in the woods with at least five n each plot
  5. Well if I grow til the end of the season cant I get at least a pound a plant
  6. lol at people thinking they can get pounds and never even seen a budding plant
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    you want 10 pounds. good luck. u'll b lucky to get a gram if you're not gonna be serious about it. take it slow and learn a bit first. like don't pop multiple seeds in same pot.
  8. You're far from 10 pounds my friend I only see 2 plants there. Don't count your chickens before they hatch. Be happy if you even get quality bud from this.
  9. 10 pounds huh? What if they're both males?!?!?! Then you get no bud. Lol 
  10. Well I grown plenty of plants just wanted to see if i could get sum good feedback on outdoor grows dats just sumthing round da house to play whid n errthing has been a negative but I grew sum sour d all of dem grew to b six fe et tall it jus got taken by law enforcement

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