just pondering on the most awesome things to do while smoking.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by myheroischeech, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. :smoke: One night not too long ago, I find myself sitting on a truck in a corn field and theres this fire going right.So I was talking to the biggest weed guru I have ever known and we were talkin about what the coolest thing to do when your smokin right.Well we both agreed it would be awesome to strip down naked and go into the jungle and live like real like pioneer jungle people for maybe like a week or so.I wanna do it soooo bad.Another thing we said would be awesome would be to go on the moon and like jump around and shit in some of those nasa space gear outfits.Crazy man .........Strait cazy.:smoke: Who agrees that would be soooo sweet?:hippie: :bongin:
  2. what else would be awesome? yall know? eh he:smoke: :hippie: :smoking: :bongin:
  3. Uhmm... how about scaling Mt. Everest and hangliding from the summit all the way over to K2 and then snowboarding down to central Nepal, hitching a ride with a caravan of nomadic people traveling up to Tibet and staying with the monks for about a week before heading down to India to meet the exiled Dalai Lama on one of his speaking tours, after which we could sit with some Indian guru who will teach us how to charm cobras with a flute so that you can actually kiss them just before we skateboard to Indonesia to pick up on some exotic looking babes who will build a boat and sail us to New Zealand where we could meet up with some aborigines who'll teach us how to count? Wouldn't THAT be sweeeeeet?!! :cool:
  4. scuba diving
  5. one of my most fave things to do is like work with power tools and like build things man.Oh another thing is to like drive to a stadium that is huge. and then sit in the mast random seet that you can find, and then like listen to classic rock on my ipod.:hippie:
  6. I think one of the coolest things to do high is go to Universal or somthing. I think it would be awsome goin on one of thoes rides with the 3D glasses on and being baked as fuck.
  7. Anti-gravity chamber.:D
  8. i just got back from standing on a bridge high up in the air, its the most awesome thing known to man when your smoking...............it's now my new favorite thing to do.:smoking:
  9. i like your idea of sweetness. it doesnt make much sence, but i like it.
  10. hmm, well most relevant topic to what i was lookin for. But, the coolest thing i've done while stoned is going four wheeling with my friend and smokin a couple fatties goin up and down. But, awesome being stoned while in a truck that's on the virge of tipping over while you're laughing your ass off at the fact that you could like die at any moment :p
  11. haha nice, havent seen you around tweech. good to have you back.
  12. dolphins are just an evolved version of man.

  13. if i tried to live in a jungle naked, id probably die, or get bit by the gadjillions of bugs in there. for me the coolest thing while stoned would be to float around in a bubble, and visit other continents.(bulletproof bubble)
  14. what about knife proof?
    *stab, POP*
  15. ah true true. Im not sure how much bouncing around on the ground id be doing though. if i HAD the chance id be wayyyyyy up there.(physically and mentally):smoking:
  16. hahahaha aborigines in new zealand, your thinking of australia mate, new zealands natives are maoris. easily mistaken tho, we have basically the same flag as australia
  17. I always thought what it would be like to go on top of the empire state building high or flying on a commerical plane high that would be freaky shit freakiest is going up on the elevator in those huge skyscrapers that have like 100+ floors if you ever have been there you know what I'm talking about.
  18. I want to dance on the sun.
  19. no gravity. the moon or space or somewhere without gravity...upside down bong rip ftw:bongin:

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