just planted my seed!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by yellow bic, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. i germinated some seeds and i onl[y had one sporout out of like 5 so i decided to plant that one

    my next question is

    should i go ahead and put my plant under a light?

    also how long should i expect to see a sprout

    this isnt going to be a very fancy grow.....it is just bagseed after all i just wanna see how well i can do it. plus i figure since this isnt anything special i can get in the habit of checking on the plant

    thanks GC
  2. Do a little research. 1 of 5 ? must not be very good seeds. Check my sig for info on germination.

    yes it needs a light, not a regular house light, a growing light (HPS,MH,FLUOROS) as I said do some research, and good luck.
  3. :wave: i followed your way and only got 1 of 5

    the seeds suck lol

    i have done research, i had a hard time finding out if i needed a light right away

  4. Getting 1:5 on his method is not necessarily why such a poor ratio. More likely, is that it was for seed reasons. You don't need light shinning on the dirt. You only need light when it pops through the soil.

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