Just Planted My Ladys - Journal (Needs updating)

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  1. Hey guys going to start a Journal for my grow :)

    (Pictures coming soon, don't have a camera and broke my phone so waiting to borrow a friends camera)

    Today (27/03/12) Planted 2 Easyryder germinated seeds (around 2mm roottip) into some pre-mixed soil and watered with tap water (sat for 18 hours) and then put under my 1 125watt CFL (around 4 inches from the top of the plant pot. Fan is blowing just below the light to cool it down. Light is on 24/0 atm.

    On the weekend I should be getting Distilled Water (using for rest of grow), timer then on Sunday changing to 20/4 (hope this won't hurt) and maybe a sheet of mesh metal to put just below my light incase the plant gets taller than I expected initially.

    Won't start nutes until 2nd or 3rd set of leaves appear.


    TELL ME what youuu think or ask some questions or give me some tips :)
  2. Any problems with the light being on 24 hours a day? Im getting ready to plant my seedling and I wanted to go 24/0 but might go 18/6 because I don't like the fact of having 2 cfls on all day :(.

    Lets see some pics !
  3. This is my first day they've only been on about 6 hours, they do get kind of hot but not too bad (only thing is it might dry out soil quickly), Plus im swapping down to 20/4 when I get a timer, I was thinking maybe better if they are getting a lot of light at this small age?
  4. your ok to go 24hrs day for your hole veg. state if you want. some say your plants will grow a little more but i really haven't seen much of of a difference in my grows so i stick with a 18/6 time line. Plus saves a little on power...

  5. I'm going to be leaving my seedlings on 24/0 for the first couple weeks or until i see 2 maybe 3 sets of flowers then be swapping to 20/4, i would go to 18/6 but im worried loosing 6 hours of light might drop yield as they are going to be such small plants
  6. Seeds have now been planted for a day, check this morning soil was a little dry so I watered some more. Still no sprout as of yet, pictures coming very soon :)
  7. So is there really a significant advantage of using 24/0 as opposed to 18/6? I'm starting my first grow soon and I would rather not leave the light running 24 hours a day, for reasons of heat, electricity and just stress on the bulb.. But if 24/0 is truly preferable then I'll have to do that.
  8. Nope it's really not, I will be switching to 20/4 as soon as I can, I would say with 20/4 you might get a tiny bit higher yield than 18/6 but still if your doing everything else well it really won't make any difference as long as they are getting 18 hours + light :)
  9. Thanks a lot! Good to know, trying to keep the energy bill down if possible
  10. I have this electricity monitor at home and since I checked day 1 (no lights) and then day 2 (with lights) and there was barely any difference, so don't worry much unless you're using like 1000 watts
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    29/03. Checked early morning first plant had sprouted, second plant still not, soil was a bit dry so watered again :)

    had a gnat this morning aswell!

    Took some pictures now, just gotta upload em!
  12. Waiting on pics. Just planted my seedling like 2 days ago waiting for a sprout too..
  13. I'll get them up tomorrow buddy, need to tidy my room abit to find some stuff, and then i'll tidy the thread up too! good luck with your grow :) I'm still waiting on my other plant to sprout a swell :D!

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